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This page needs to be proofread.

2 70 Journal of American Folk-Lore.

120. If a terrapin bites you, it will never let go till it thunders.

12 r. A pregnant woman cannot assist in killing hogs, or in handling fresh meat. The meat will spoil.

1 22. If you want a hen to hatch all pullets, put the eggs under her out of the bonnet of a young girl.

123. To make a girl love you, take a piece of candy or anything she is likely to eat, and put it under either armpit, so that it will get your scent.

124. To milk a cow on the ground, she will go dry unless you throw some of the milk on her back.

125. To make a cow take a strange calf, rub the nose of the cow and the body of the calf with tea made of walnut leaves, so that the scent will be the same with both.

126. To make a stray dog follow and stay with you, put a piece of bacon in the shoe of the left foot, wear it till you see the dog and throw it to him ; if he eats it, he will follow you and stay with you. If he don't, get some hair off the dog's left ear and put it in the left pocket, or rub his left hind-foot with a piece of corn-bread.

127. To keep a strange dog with you, cut some hair off the end of his tail and bury under your doorstep.

128. If you wish a strange cat to stay with you, grease it with any kind of grease, stick the cat to the chimney back, and throw it under your bed.

129. If you want a cat to stay with you and not return to the for- mer owner, grease the four feet of the cat in the house before taking it away.

1 30. Never throw keys ; always hand them or lay them down, and let those who want them pick them up.

131. Negroes will not throw a knife or a key to one another, for they will certainly lose them if thrown.

132. In handing a knife to another, let the blade be shut up, and let it be handed back shut up.

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