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Superstitions from Central Georgia. 271

133. If the blade of a knife is soft, put the blade into a piece of hot corn-bread, and put bread and knife into water.

134. To find water before seeking a spot to dig a well, negroes take a switch of willow or peach, hold it in both hands near the middle, and walk over the ground where the well is desired ; when they come to the spot where is the water, the switch twists and turns in the hands, sometimes rubbing off the bark, the ends turn- ing down to the ground.

135. To get fleas out of a house, take a pine pole and skin it. The fleas in hopping about will hop on the pole and stick to the resin that issues. Sheep about a yard will also carry them off.

136. When the dogwood-tree blossoms, fish begin to bite. (Ne- groes always fish with a big cork, and put the lead close to the hook in order to keep terrapins from cutting the line.)

137. When fishing, spit on your bait for luck.

138. If any one steps across the pole of another while fishing, the person whose pole has been so treated will catch no fish unless the pole is again stepped over backwards.

139. You can't swear and catch fish.

Roland Steiner. Grovetown, Columbia Co., Ga.

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