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1634. Winds. Remarks.
Mar. 9 NW Sharp frost
10 NE Excessive cold weather
11 NE A south wind brought pleasant wr.
12 S, SE Ice went out of sight, de. wr.
13 SE NE Moderately cold
14 NE Very cold
15 S, SW Milder wr. killed a bear, which was very serviceable, as the scurvy had appeared
16 SW, N At night, cold weather
17 N Cloudy, bay filled with ice
18 N Cloudy frosty day
19 (No remark)
20 S Calm, sunshiny day
21 S Dark rainy weather, ice went to sea
22 SE Scurvy becomes very afflictive
23 SE Pleasant day
24 S.erly or calm weather
25 SE, S Ice returned
26 S Fair clear weather
27 SE Cloudy, 10 whales seen in the bay
28 S.erly wind innumerable whales appeared
29 S.erly Plenty of whales
30 S.erly Dark night
31 NE Some snow, 4 or 5 whales seen
April 1 E Cloudy, S at night, 4 or 5 whales
2 SE Snow, mild weather
3 W Cloudy, two of the men only in health
4 W erly sunshiny day
5 SE Two large whales in the bay
6 NE 4 or 5 whales
7 NE Cold, sunshiny weather
8 NE Do. innumerable whales
9 N Frosty, do.
10 N Cold, ice returned, some whales
11 N No whales or bears
12 NE Clear frosty day