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1634. Winds. Remarks.
April 13 NE Do. bay full of ice
14 NE, A south wind at night carried theice away
15 W Calm mild day, 4 whales seen in the bay
16 W Clear. The clerk died
17 W Cloudy, bay full of ice
18 (No remark)
19 W The men much afflicted, having no refreshment left
20 S At night E.erly, with snow; ice drifted away
21 SE A calm day
22 NE Ice closed to the shore; S wind at night
23 S Ice off land, rain. All the survivors but one rendered helpless by disease; the captain struggling with death
24 S Cloudy
25 S Sunshiny, some ice whales seen; A W wind at night brought the ice in
26 W Cloudy day, calm
27 E Mild weather, killed a dog for food
28 E Cloudy weather, ice went out of sight, N wind at night
29 NE Blowing hard at night
30 NE A fine clear day

Here the journal terminates with the word die; alluding perhaps to other observations which the writer in his usual way had been about to set down. The first man of this unfortunate party died on the 16th of April, the other six seem to have expired in the beginning of May. The scurvy was evidently the cause of their death, which, it appears, arose more from the want of fresh provisions than from the cold, as they could generally stir abroad at least once in three or four days.

We found that the ice had now totally disappeared, and as we observed neither whales, nor