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This page needs to be proofread.


S. arvensis, L. G., a root or two on an earth-heap to the north-west of the Serpentine Bridge ; casual.

Crepis virens, L. A plant in the turf sonth of the site of the old Gravel Pit ; rare in open grass, but several plants in the Magazine en- closure.

Campanula rotundlfoUa, L. P., five or six plants will reward a careful search in the strip north of the Magazine. These are most interesting survivors of the original Park herbage. G., turf near the Greenhouse.

Cascuta europcea. " Hyde Park, in the sunk ditch under the wall of Kensington Gardens on nettles and thistles, 1820 and 1821 ; Bennett (v. s.)." — PI. of M. The thistles and nettles still remain here, but where is the great Dodder ?

Convolvulus sepimn, L. A weed in a flower-bed in the south of the Gardens ; gathered by the Eev. W. W. Newbould. P., near the Keser- voir, in flower-beds.

C. arvensis, L. P., in a flower-bed near Buck Hill Gate ; again near tlie Eeservoir.

Solanum nigrtim, L. G., a weed in flower-beds near Lancaster Gate. P., several plants 200 yards north-east of the Magazine in a rubbish-heap place.

8. Dulcamara, L. G., in the hedge which bounds the gardens north of the Palace; plentiful at intervals for 200 yards in among the planted hedge Crataegus.

Veronica arvensis, L. P., not uncommon in the turf of the strip north of the Magazine ; also fairly common about the old grassed road west of the Humane Society's Peceiving-house.

V. agrestis, L. "Kensington Gardens, Warren, v. s." — PL of M. I find this record, which must apply to 1869 or earlier. I have not seen the plant since and cannot recall its finding specially. Mr. Newbould has seen it thrice this year.

V. polita. Pries. P., a weed near Buck Hill Gate, in a bed.

V. BuxhaHmii, Pen. P., castud, in a tree-fence 300 yards north-east of the Magazine.

Scutellaria galericulata, L. " Kensington Gardens. Herb. Goodger and Eozea, 1817."— Fl. of M.

Nepeta Glechoma, Benth. P., railed round at the Magazine, south side.

Pruuella vulgaris, L. P., native; five or six plants in the turf just west of the Magazine and across the Plug Road.

Mmsotis arvensis, Hotfm. P., a weed near Buck Hill Gate.

M. palustris, With. G., casual, in a flower-bed m the south of the Gardens ; gathered by the Eev. W. W. Newbould.

Lamium purpureum, L. G., a weed in a flower-bed near Lancaster Gate. " Kensington Gardens."— PL of M. , . , ^ ,

Stacliys sylvatica, L. Say a dozen plants nearly m the north-west an<^le of the Gardens, in a flower-bed near Epilohium montanum, L.

^JuagalUs arvensis, L. G., casual in newly-sown grass near Prnice s Gate. P., also in a tree-fence north-east of the Magazine across the Eing

^Piantago Coronopns, L. P., a few plants near an old grassed roadway west of the Sanger's House. " Hyde Park. Milne and Gordon s ' In- digenous Botany,' etc., 1793."— PI. of M.

P. lanceolata, L. G. and P., is certainly much less common m the open turf than P. major, but I have seen it there frequently also.

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