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P. major, L. G. aud P., every where ; a common plant of the open turf.

Cheuopodinm album, L. P., casual, in newly-sown land between Rotten Row and the Serpentine ; again in a tree-fence near the old gravel-pit's site.

C. polyspermum, L. P., in a bed near Alexandra Gate. Rev. W. W. Newbould.

O. murale, L. P., a weed in a flower-bed just before euterinu; the gardens at their north-east angle, 1868; several plants there this vear. See Fl. of M.

Atriplex patula, var. anfjustifolia, Sm. P., in flower-beds near Prince's Gate and elsewhere.

Polygonum amphibium, L. G., several beds in the Serpentine between the bridge and the fountains. "Abundant in the Serpentine, 1868." — PI. of M. j3. ten-estre, some plants on land adjoining the former beds,

P. lapathifoUum, L. P., casual, in a tree-fence north-east of the Magazine, say 300 yards, near where the gravel pit used to be.

P. Persicaria, L. P., casual, a plant enclosed near the Humane Society's Receiving-house. G., in some quantity in a flower-bed near the north-west angle of the Gardens.

P. Hydropiper, L. G., casual, in a tree-fence west of the fountains and near them.

P. aviculare, L. G. and P., everywhere in path-edges and bare places.

P. Convolvulus, L. P., casual, in a tree-fence 300 yards north-east of the Magazine.

Rumex viridis, Sibth. P., a good many plants at the very bottom of the trench running north of the Magazine. G., plentiful in a flower-bed near the north-west angle of the Gardens.

R. obtasifolius, Auct. G. and P., here and there, near the trench, etc. Not uncommon. Some fine plants at the margin of the north end of the Sei'pentine among the shrub-beds.

k. crispus, L. P., casual, and enclosed near Victoria Q-ate. Else- where in similar situations. I gathered one very stunted specimen in the turf of the " strip " north of the Magazine.

R. Acetosa, L. P., local. A luft under some trees due west of the Magazine, and several more about the old grassed road west of the " Hu- mane Society." Much less common than the next in our limits.

R. Acetosella, L. G. and P., plentiful in the turf of the strip running north of the Magazine. Much commoner than the last.

Euphorbia Peplus, L. G., a weed from a flower-bed in the south of the Gardens. Gathered by the Rev. W. W. Newbould.

E. Helioscopia, L. A weed in a bed near Buck Hill Gate.

ITcrcurialis annua, L. P., in a flower-bed at the east end of the Serpentine one plant.

Urtica dioica, L. G., in the Magazine enclosure. P., a stray plant or two in bare places. Not common.

U. urens, L. G., a weed near the Albert Memorial, etc. P., twenty or thirty plants under a clump of trees north-west of the Magazine, near wliere the gravel pit used to be.

Elodea canadensis. Rich. Octagon pond and Serpentine, common. " Serpentine, Kensington Gardens, where it flowers profusely." — Fl. of M.

Juncus bufonius, L. P., in a flower-bed near Prince's Gate, probably

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