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This page needs to be proofread.
Cave inscription from Ndneh ghat.

cavations at Naneh ghat, where there are other chambers formerly covered with inscriptions, in which however the decomposition of the rock from moisture has occasioned great obliterations. In this there are but eight or ten deficient letters. Supplying the two that are want- ing at the commencement conjecturally, the whole will run thus : (Symbol missingIndic characters) H"TX D"8rb 1-8- M^rbl-8-rbtrGl' A Aj~> AT d'!> 4>iCrD'8 4A± AAl-AJ+GJl-J^ALlLDI Al' 1-8- +81 A U "A fffGfrUI TXrb8+ rbA A'L- (*) jj= _i_ _ _ _ P A -L tli-L + Jb r + ? + 8 T r/ (a long interval without any letters), 81710 A.1+X+ +8T b-W iSTrbiA"U-TD-lhS I A-A/bJU rbb-€ H£ HrblO/Var H?JU-8-TJ/Ti[]A J 10 f-Tl'ir rWbl C-J LTIA"'! (s) 1/fT bl+G- n i j J_TI"F A ~8~ (remainder of the line obliterated).

The same in Roman characters.

(A ri) yadhammasa namo ! Indasa namo ! sakesanam vasudevanam, chanda suriyanam, dhammavatanam vatanam va lokapalanam, yama va- runa audheravanam namo ! kumaravarasa-vedi-siri sarano, rayasimuka sa va vahe divinaya nikaya rake (sha)kumare bha(ti) Maharathi tu nakayiko kumaro hakusara kumaro sava vaharodhana bheritam sampayuto sapato aso asarathagaminam a (so) asamoroyano batiyo, tha dakhiniyonam*s asarapala ghara yutam ra pu ro rapinakaha panarona kigamo The above will be better understood by Sanskrit scholars if turned literatim into the more classical dialect :

^pim^ (for w*j) W. t^ ra *m : n^w ^f *tw ^^^:- <pjr^^ f f^t^w: ^raif%g^T^nn^: (?) f^^ro fairer *;T%^*rrcT

  • 1T (fcf) *T^Rfa "g^TfW fffiTC: %^KJ l^TR* ^ffaw ^T^^f^cT


Glory to the supreme Dharma (or virtue) ! — glory to Indra ! To the lords of Sakra (?) the vasudevas, to the sun and moon, to the sanc- tified by dharma and venerated (saints) — to the lokapdlas (upholders of the world) — to Yama, Varuna, and the spirits of the air, glory ! He whose refuge is the prosperity of the throne of an excellent