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Amar?//o ?.?A whi?e-b?own wood, wi?h large heart, elose- grained, and hard; it is very tough, and grows to the si?e of one foot or one foot .six inches diameter; is used for houses and building; no? very common. Amarillo colorado.m Amarillo curabasuel.--A green wood; hard and brittle; grows to very large size, and is common; used for building, and making very large tables. A/mas/?0.--White; something like white deal; soft, not tough; three feet diameter; very common. There is a resin comes from this tree when pierced, much used iu the country for sores; has a very thick bark. Ah?ou.--Brownish, coarse, shiny grain; grows from six inches to two feet diameter, and common; has no hear? ? good for staves. Algm'o?o. MOne of the most excellent woods known; very hard and tough; reddish brown, with streaks; grows to a large s?ze, and common; used for marine gun carriages, ?c. ;called, in Jamaica, nu?. A9uacate.--Whitish; coarse-grained, hard,. and tough; common; grows to the size of two feet. Aromo.--A soft, long-gralned, shiny, whlt4sh wood; very light and tough; grows to a good size, aud common. A/9odon.---Cotton tree; white, spongy, light, close-grained, and brit- tle; very common. Ba/?--Literally, ' raft;' light and very soft; the lightest of all woods--as light nearly as cork; used as rafts, and for polishing metals; grows to not more than one foot diameter. Cocobo/0 amar///o.--Like rose-wood; very tough and hard; seldom grows to more than one foot diameter, but occasionally larger; has a fragrant smell, with dark-brown streaks, think something like zebra-wood; is. very common in the high dry lands. Cocoboloprieto.mA very tough, hard wood, of a beautiful figured grain (I think like rose-wood); grows to the size of about three feet diameter, but generally smaller; is very plentl- ful; has a very fragrant smell when green; used more for carpentry than cabinet work. Cadque, or king of woods.---One of the finest and most durable woods of South America; whitish yellow; hard, tough, and long- grained; grows to a large size, is common, and much used for building in the ground or water. Coaejo.--Hard, fine-grained, same as box-wood; grows to a small size, and is scarce. Conejo eo/?ado. MYellowish; very close, fine grain, like holly, but harder; grows to a good size. Cedro eevo//o.?A class nearly the same as cedro real. Cedro e?now, or prickly cedar.?Grows to. an immense size, but not Dig,tiz?d by Google