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the Idhmu? of Panam?.? ?? quits ? much prized ?y the natives as cedro real; has a long spotted grmn; is softlab, brittle, and covered with prickles on the outside. Cedro papa//o.--One of the many species of cedar. C, edro real amargo.--The finest cedar of the country; of a stron. g fra- grant smell, and long grain; used for many purposes ?n car- pentry, and boat and canoe building; grows to five or six feet diameter, and is very common. Caoba.--Bastard mahogany; not very common in the vicinity of Panamk, but brought, in immense quantities, in.canoes, from the coast, where it is very abuudant, and grows to an im- mense size. Corotu.--Like elm ? grows to a large size; used for canoes. Corotu pr/eto. -- Soft and porous, lika walnut; long-grained; grows to an enormous size; is generally used next in preference to cedar for the largest bongs and canoes, and is very abundant in all parts. Cara?o.--Close.grained, like holly; light brownish yellow; tough; grows to a small size, and is common; is most excellent for scales. C, arati.?Hard, close grain; brownish, tough, heavy; grows to the size of one foot six inches diameter, and is very common. Ca/ndh'//o.--Like birch; grows to about one foot six inches diameter, and is very common. Ciruela.--Very white, long grain, soft, spongy, not tough, small sire, and scarce; the hark used medicinaUy as an astringent.' C'?romo.-- C?marr/.--A fine wood; hatdish and tough; something like bastard mahogany, but a more shiny grain. F?/n'no d/mata.--Like birch; dirty, white, long-gralned, soft, not tough; grows to a small size, and is scarce. F?/n'no co/orado.MLike walnut-tree; a dark wood, nearly the colour of cedar, but much harder, and a close grain; grows to about thr?e feet diameter; beautiful wood for boa?- building. Eqmb? mu/ato. mA solfish, long-grained, close, tough, very knotty and refractory wood, bu? very lasting; grows to an immense size, and used universally for flooring and wainscoting; is very common. E?pab? pr/eto.--One of the common woods of the country; I .think something llke elm; grows to the size of five feet diameter, and is used in every branch of house-building; it has rather a rough grain to work. Frijollillo.---Soft grain. Fa?tin.--Like birch. Oua//acan.--Lignum vit?e; very common, close-grained, hard, heavy, and tough; works exceedingly well when rather green; grows to the size of from four to five feet diameter, and is much used for gun-c.arriuges, wheels, &c. ?'.---Soft, open grain, like walnut; brownish, tough, and Dig,tiz?d by Google