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74 Notes rt?ecting the Idltmu? of P6nam? rather heavy; grows to- four or ire feet .diamtte?; is much used for canoes and house-building. Gua!lavito ase?aa.--White; a beautiful clo?e grain; hard, tough, and heavy; grows to a small size, and is a common wood. Crua?a machete.--IAke birch; so called from bearing a fruit like, in . shape, to a bill-hook. or mashetas; brownish white, long coarse gr?in, and middling tough; grown to but is small size, and is not common. Gag//to.--Soft, long, open grein: whitish yellow, light and porous grows to the size of one foot six inches diameter, and is ?ommoll. Gua//avo orm/9ero.--So called became much infesf?l by ants ;'it ie of �, whitish yellow colour, soft, rather tough, of a long open .grain, and lightish; grows to about two fees dhuneter, and IS OOHlPtOn. Guanarano.--A whitish yellow, light wood; is not very tough; grows �generally in swampy grounds, to the size of two feet diame- ter, and is scarce. Gua?/to.--A very white, soft wood, of an extremely bitter taste, and used as a medicine eftainet the bite of serpents; grown to the size of from four to six inches diameter; is common, but has no other use than as a medicine. Goren b/anco.--A very white, long-grained, soft wood, but close; grows to the size of from one to two feet diameter; rather brittle, bat 1,lentiful. -C, ua? 1oe/ude.--Fralt-treeo covered with hslr-llke substance; 1owish white, loag.grained, tough, and soft; grows to two feet diameter, and is c?mmon. Hue'rito, or little bone.--I-lard, close grain, like bone; is much used for any small articles of ornamental cabinet-work, aml handles to toois; grows but to a small size, and is not common. J?a ce/orad?.--Soft, close-grained, but tough; grows to about one foot six inches diameter; is a dye-wcod, and much used by the Indians to carve into spoons, or sumll article? of ornament. )a9?a.?Whitish brown; long, open grai?; soP-, but tough; grows to three feet diameter, and is cornman- John de/a?jarto.--A hard, close grain, like beech; the bark like the skin of an ,?111gator; whitish, long-grained, and close; soft; grows to a large s?ze, and is common. Jobo//?o.--Closo-grained, spongy, flesh-white, soft, brittle, and light; grows to a small size, and is common. I9ero?.--IJke ash; one of the most plentiful woods in the country, along the banks of rivers; a soft, whitish wood. Juadrn o.--Hard-gralned. Juar/mo pr/eto.?�ellowish white, or brown; soft, brittle, coarse- grained, and spongy; grows only to a Jm?ll aize, and is CornmOll. Lbnon.?--A fine-grained, shiny, whitish wood ? hard aud tough, some- Dig,tiz?d by Google