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the 'lthm of ?9' T? ??m ?d s?lub?ty ?f the c?inmte also ?ry in dif-? remus p?. PoRe-Bello is one of the hottest a?M m?t un- ?lthy pla?s in ?e wodd. At Panama, on ?e con?ary, the �e?omemr in ?e r?ny sea?n d?s not rise higher at night ?an 8g ?; in the day than 87 � ?nds ?e ,'ariable and cool; and thou? t? ?in ? incessant, there is thus no stagnation in fi?e atmosphere, nor cons?uent epidemic sickn?s. In summer the tempe?ture ri?s to ?, a? even 93 �d in the day the reflec- tion of &e sun, from the smooth surfa? of the Pacffic, with the heat of t? winds, w?ch blow steadily kern the sonth-ea? over a' ?ck of dry savannahs, makes it very sult?; but the land-winds at ?ght am c?l, coming chiefly from ?e adjoining mountains: a? ?e climat? may be called generally h?lthy, though a con- ?emble tonality somefim? ?u?. This, however, Mr. Lloyd' �iaks? may almost always be t?c? m ex?sive indulgence, ?ci?ly in the use of raw fruits a? vege?bles, and occasionally ai? to the quali? of the animal f?d, whi?, at ?rticular seasons, is, he &inks, inj?iously affect? by the excessive richne? of pa?ums. The family of the Brit?h consul ?ided four yea? in Pa?mm? wigout an hour's sick?ss; aud Mr. Lloyd and his companion were sevent?n mont? in ?e country, dining th? wh?o time ex?d to ?e utmst rigor both ? sun and rain s' ?t with ent? im?ty. I[. TOPOgRaPHICAL DETAILS. ?i?.?Them is hardly a mile of laud i? ?ig whole province ?ich is ?t in the ?iny season in?ted by so? little ri?r or ?ebr?a, which ca? ? the superfluous water, and is ?- silly di?c?]t to pass. But in ?e ?mmer m?t ? these dry ?p; ? only the following ?vers are ?er? by Mr. Lloyd wo?hy of particular notice. On the north ? and falling int6 ? At?ntic, t? Cha?es? Pequeni, Trinidad, and Gaton? which all join, ? fo? one before reaching the sea; and on ?e south or P?c s?e, the ? Grande? ?e ?ymito or Cho?ra? the Pa?, [?di? a? B?lm?a or Che?. T? Ch?s ?k? i? rise a ?ns?ble distan? east of Po?-Bello, a?g the high toounties which approach ?e Bay of Mandia?; and ?r traversing a great tract of c?st? when ?yop?i? Porw-Beilo ?cei?s the P?ueni? which ? t? 's?h?a? and is as l?e ? bwad as k?. The two �? fo? = ?e? noble river? ? ?p?, however, ? be ?tz; ? acco?gly, ?o?gh ?o? ?e? both b?n?s m ?e d? ?on? e? a?e the commo? ?int of '?cti? the parsee ? c?i?d danger?s from t? number of ?]? or rapids? ? ?e ? w?ch ? stream runs wi? ex?i?ry