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.l?role? w?peeti?'th? Isthm? of Pa?amb? mil? fr? ?e se? I? dep? d?s not exc? from seven ? feet? even at ?e mouth, shallo?ng down to four and even to one, a.few m?es up; and i? naviga?on was further im?ded, when Mr. ?oyd vhited it, by a numar of trees, which, having b?n undermined by i? warera in the pm?ous ?iny sea,n, had hllen' ?ross a? s?l encumbered it. I? importan? to the inland com- mu?cation, however, consh? in?his?at canoes bound to Po? Bello from Chagms, and which, in s?rmy wea?er, when the coast h dangerous, would ? altogether windbound, are enabl? m ascend it ? far as a village called Aqua Sucia, whence their ?g?s are conveyed to ?d from Porto Bello on men's shoulders. Be?des w?ch, ?ve?l quebradas en?r it ? right ?d to left along i? cour?; and all ?ntribute somewhat to ?cili?te access. to the adjoi?ng county. Some considerable l?es also exist in ?is direction, with which several of them communicate. With ?e uni? ?sistance of all these ?ve?, the navigation of �e Chag?s, ?!ow the junction of the Trinidad, is easy, and even supermr to ?ny much iarg? streams. The dep? below Gatun varies from ?enty-six to thirty feet; ?ove, it ? twenty- four, ?d nowhere fMis ?1ow twenty-two, unle? on some fe? ?, where only sixteen am found, which, however? have deep water cline m them. This depth, ?, ? not in a channel, but ?e whole bm? of the river, which is from two hundred to ? hundred and eighty feet wide. The ban? are precipitous, of trap and porphy?tic fo?afion, woMed to the ve? edges, and almost eve?w?re admit of ?!s being brought close m them, and the cmmnt, as M?dy n?ic?, is hem very toodeere. The Rio Gm?e ?s m ?e noah-west of Panama, ne? a moun?n called Pedro Miguel: and ?ter receiving seve?i ?mams, becomes navi?ble for very large canoes two leagu? a?ve i? mouth, which is a?ut two mil? from Panama; and hem a bar rum across it, on which, at low water, ?em ? not ?re ?an two f?t water. 'The fide rises, howe?r, so high in �e Bay of Pana?, (a?ut 18 feet in spring tides,) ?at ?sily en?r the river, and wi?in the b? have g? amho?ge. Much inter?t was at one time ?ken in this river from the near a? pr?ch, in some places, of i? course m ?at of ?e Obispo, which falls inm ?e Chagms a litfie ?iow Cmos; and from ?e idea consequently entertained, that a water communication a?ss �e isthmus ?ght be obt?ned by cutting a canal ?tw?n the two. ?e shallowness, howe?er, of the Chag? ?us high up, ?e sho? ?d broken cour? of 't? Obispo, and the much greater facili?s ?er? eisewhe?, for establishing a communication ?y ?ii-road, ap?r ? Mr. Lloyd to be, for the pre?nt at le?t, msurmoun? able object?ns m ?is plan. Were a g?t ?ffic already Digitized by COOg[? .