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84 NoRa r? ?e I?hmw of Pa? ?ou w? other ?ou?s. The Caymito, or Cho?, e?ti? itself in? the Pacific a?ut ?n mil? west of Panama, ? is fo?d by ?e juuc?on numerous petty stma?, which ?e ? ?sz in &fierent p? of ? west? cordillera. It is ve? d?p ?s i? m?; and the b?nch called Rio Marin Sanc? ?ufi? na?ble i?ge ca?es, quire up to the ? of Cho?ra? which ?us giv? one name to t? whole ?ver: ? other ? ? from ? p? discus numar of alligator, sw?d-fi?, ?c., w?ch iuf?t The ?e rum ve? s?ng in and out of ? ?ver, ?t being ?ed by a bar at i? mou?; ?d ?e ?chomgz for shi? �us bad and ex?. The Pacers and [n&o unite ?fore re?hing ?z Pa?, mar �e island. of Chepillo, about eight? mii? ea? of Panama; and f? a broad, ?pid, a? winding s?am for ?veral above ?eir mou?. To seaward ?ey me pmte? :by i?um?blo sand ban?, betw?n which at low water only ve? n?mw.?sag? spear, pr?igiously infes?d ?th sharks and ailigato?; but at high water the ?gafion ? go? even for ia?e s? some ?y up the river; ?d is o?n for c? up ? Pacere, ? far ? ?wn of ?e same n?e, and up ? I?o for an ?uaily cons?zr- able distance. On the banks of the lat? an ?g!?h resident in Pan?, hu erec? a saw-mill ?e of sawing from fift?u m twenty thou?nd ?ards annually. An i?au? 6ble supply of ?e finest timer is iu its immedia? 6?ty; ? the fertility of ?e soil, where cleared, is ?h, ?at a sm?i ?r- fion, wi? the labour of two men only, affords ? ample ?pply of every article of subs?tence f? the whole esSblight, So- veml roads lead to it from the.?ighboufing village; ?d one ?en formed from a place on the uni?d stream ?11? S?ja, ?here.t? largest class ofves?ls r?n. The ? am mf? down the river, and have a ready sale, ?ot only in Pan?, b? ? in Gu?aquil and Peru, in the lair of which ?re is,a of w?. On the banks, at ?e mou?, a wild animal ? found, of the si? and a?ran? of a jackass ? which, wh?-s?t, is ?n- sidered a great d?ty. All the land ?tw?n .t?a river ?d P?am? ?.1ow and dry. . The Bailshe.or Che? is of gmat ez?nt, a? u?er ?e name of Canada, rism in the province of Da?, ne? the sour? of snorer river catl? Chucu?que, which f?ls into ?e Pa? in ?e Guiph of S?-Miguel. ?e.Bailano re?iv? ?ve? ?nfi- ?rabl? stream? during its coup, which is n?iy west, a? Dig,tiz?d by Google