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denly tums'to the souti?ard, and' ei?r? th? ?fic a few miles e?t of ? P?0?. It h na?ble'? fir as this turn; and on i? banks a liRle ?gher up is s?u? ? to? of Ch?, ?ich of Mine comequence, ? ? ? ?si? place of communi- stion ?th the M?ingo I?m. Farther on is a fort called ?ue? T?b?, built to pm?nt ?i?incu?om; a? 'the line of ?e rber g?miiy is con?emd ?e ?nda?. An ?tmme, but ?t ?five, an?sity ? sti? m?t? on both sidff. C?mun? ?ss ?e I?hm?.?This is at pre?nt ma?- ? c?y ?'tWo !in? of rohds; one from P?ml to Port? ?1o, ?e oth? equntly fr? P?, b? way of Cruces or Gor- ?, down ?e Chugs, to ? sea-? of the same name at ? mou?. %era are Mine othe? in ?e f? eonv?ng cable other ?-?uce to and from o?er ?in?, but they are little k?wn; ?d under the'Spania?s t?r improvement and mui?- plica?n were m? di?ged. Mr. ?oyd, however, strongly recommends a new !?e to ? ?w fo?, diffe? fr? ?em all, beginning ? the Agaric at a?m bay cal?d Li?n, or ?, about five' !?gu? e? of Chagres; ?e?e to that ?r, Mm.'? a?ve its mo?, ?ere its ? ap?oa?s ?s bay, by.? ?n?l; then?' up ?e ?r to a favou?bie situation south ?nk of ? Trinid?, w?m i? sho? am ex?i?ly sui?d ?r bei? co?e? into ? and ?ding-?e?, ? for g?s ?d cattle; ? ?es finally, to P? or Gh?em by a ?d?th?'?er ?i? ?e sho? di?ee, but' the foyer t? ?e?b?te, ? as ?ting ? a better ?a-?rt, and as ?inmingin .Pan?9, the ?pi?l of t? d?a?ment, ?d w?re m t?de ? already chi?y centre. And his m?ona for this in- ?ation ?11 ? ?dily ga? from the foilo?ng ab?tra? of the m?phicai no6? bearing ou't? p?, in? w?ch he eaten ? h? notes at ?t length. ?e hmbour of Porto-Bello is ' ?t excellent: but such is its ?ui in?tubrity. that at no ?6od of i? ? d? merch? ventumbra ?ide ? it, excel. for ?w w? ? ?e b? ?amn, ? whkh w? hem its gr?t' and weti-'-? f?r. No dins of ?habimn? can long exit in it: ev6n n?s do not gene?ly m?rt a prol?ged msiden?; and it ? firmly ?iieved for a ?nsidemb? time that it w? ?p?ia?y &tai-? wo? in child- bit&. Animals of o&er ?mes am' ?aid ?ho to f?i &e e?c? ?'?e climatd; and do not pmd?e; and ?.!ea? cer? that domestic fo? brou?t from C?agena and ?na? shortly ce? m lay ?, ?ome em?a?d, a? ?eir ?h ?n gets little ?er t?n ?. Pig, and m? ?em to ? the only ex?pfon, thriv?g here as in o&er p?-' of &e West Indies; and roads ? moat disgnsfingly numerous. Such a ?rt m ?, h?ever? is enfmly um?d to ? ? ? of a g?t Dig,tized by Google