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ia?n? up? of ?ven ?hou?d ?n?inswe? e?n during s?y, w?h ?othing but ?e most absolu? ne?ity ?ld have indued us to touch; and even portions of ?e sea-i?p?d, f?ed in ?eir o? blubber, were a?oun?d pala?b? f?. ?otwith- standing this, we did our work; and, ?ing ?1ow? a boat ? four men, I su?eyed the islnn? sleeping at night on ?e cinde? beach> wi? no o?er cove?ng ?an a canvas mn? Du?ng the su?ey, seve? tim? of a ship of !a?e d?emiom were s?n on the N .E. side of ?e island, half buri? in ?e s?d, to?er wi? ?me c?ks and iron h?; ? on t? ?ge of a small ? we ? found various mli? of i?rmer visite?pro?bly sealers, as there w?e buildings whose bl?kened su?a?s exhibi?d the action of'fire. Having o?ed a mound on the ?11 imm?i- a?ly above th? co?, and ?in?g ?at ?effiing of in,rest might ? dep?i?d there, I o?ned it; and found a rude co?, the rotan state of which bespoke i? having been long ?nsi?ed to the earth, but the body had u?e?one ?arcely any d?ompmi?om The i?s wew doub!? up, and it was d? in the jacket and cap of n s?i?, bat nei?er they nor the coun?nan? ?m s?ilar to three of an Englishman. The stones were ?plac? and a ?st ?c?d, with a noti?, in hopes of pm?cfing this humble mon? meat from furth? infusion. On a point of the cove in which the ship was ?cur?, we bu? n m?ter the?omemr, ? ?at ?y future v?i? might ?come a?uuin?d wi? ?e ext?me ranges of ?m?mtum in th? climam. We t?k ?e h?t of the f?ezing over of the cove, and effected our retreat with much difficulty and ?vere labour, from the fu? of the gales, w? ?olent gus? had ?f?-blown down ?t our ?, and b?en many of ?e i?umen?. We quit?d it on 8? of Ma?h, ju? two m?ths from our ?dval, amidst ?e ?cla- mations of threads ? ?nguius, who cr?ked a ?t discord?t c?rus; and ?d it wa? a day of ?jo?g m us ?so w?n ?e ?o? ? D?pfi? faded f?m our view. VII.?nt of the C?s, o? Keelin? ?s?n?. T?smitted by Re?-Admi? Sir E.W.C.R. Owen, K.C.B., and commun?- cat? by John Barrow, ?q., F.R.S. Read 24th Tn? C?s ? K?iing ]sl? exmnd ? 12 �? � S. tude) in 97 � E. ?tude; and am ?w in the ?upa?n ? ?gl?h gentlemen, Aiexa?er H?, ?q., a? Capta? J. ?s, who have u?rtnken to culti?te a? render ?em ? ductire. So far m ap?a?, *?y are early c?e in t? Dig,tiz?" "? Google