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?cosnt of tt? Coo0s, or K?4/ng [dam/? ?rma?? ?d ?d fr?n? dug out o? ? we? ? middle of the izl?, being altogether of the same mamrial, by at?ition in wamr, wi? that which at present consfitut? ?res a? b?hes. The circui? f?o? of the group, ? well as tl?e detached northernmost or Keeling Isle, nmy, however, co?te. ?e the ? of ?eir ?ing or?i?ly bared ? su?afi? v?- canoes long extinguished, though ? trac? of ? ?cu?e? ?thquakes, or other natural convul?ons, am lww discern hie. Around t!?e exterior of the isles the ?e h ?p? up by t? ?rf from tw?ve to twe?y-one feet a?ve ?e level of ? sea (high- water mark); and the interior is not in g?al eleva? m?e th? from ?ee m six feet above t?t level. T? ?il is m?uly ?mpo?d of flue ?ar?us sand; in so? par? marly, in others consisting of rounded pieces of ?ral and ?elis, with a ?all mixture of vege?ie e?th. It is from one to two f?t d?p, and li? on a ?ong platform of aggregated co? and ?la. Q?es of pumice-ato? and i;ava am ?r?n on ?re ? ?he ?, w?, by ?m?sifion, gradually ?d ?arthy m?ter, The general produce of the isles is, first, the ?-nut palm- ?, which, w?n Hourly thiu?d out, may be exacted m y?ld as abundantly as iu any part of the world. Second.?A ff? pr?u?ug hard w?d ? a dark colo?, fit not ?y for fueJ, but ? fimber? of s? craft, and ve?l, up to ?ndr? t?. ?ird.?A tre? ha?ng a ?af r?m?ing in z? and form t? leaf of the boxwood. The timber is bard and ?vy, of a ?1our, fit for smut ? 0f ma? and ?' tim?r? The bark, having an uncommonly large ?rfion of ?nin, may be f? f? ma?g !e?r? and prese?ing nets. Fourth.?A large ?-growing try, ?ich furni?z ? small ? for refers. It is durable u?r cover, but aub?t to rapid ?cay when ex?s? to the weather. F?th.?Another large ?aight?mwiug treej wi? ?av? ?uk m?bliag th jack-ia-the-?x of ?e We?t I?. The ? ?, however, ?oft and of litt? value. Sis?.?A nee frequently of large dimension, t? ? of which d?aya ev? lia;er th? it dries. Its leaves may be u*? ?eens: they ?e ? food for hogs; a?, with the trunk? Z?y a considerable query ? vegetable matter to ?e ?, ?ent?--T? tr?e ?!led w?roo by t? Javan?. It plant? 'by them ia front ? their hou? f? ?e sa? of i? and fiow?s. The ?ber is u?f? a? ?; ?d, wh? i? growth, t?. bark ?ords a material for ma? tw?e ?ght?The c?n?uen, ? ?d?, a soft-wo?, gr?