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Ornaments of Gold


(And if we pleased, we could from yourselves bring forth Angels to succeed you on earth:)[1]

And he shall be a sign of the last hour;[2] doubt not then of it, and follow ye me: this is the right way;

And let not Satan turn you aside from it, for he is your manifest foe.

And when Jesus came with manifest proofs, he said, “Now am I come to you with wisdom; and a part of those things about which ye are at variance I will clear up to you; fear ye God therefore and obey me.

Verily, God is my Lord and your Lord; wherefore worship ye him: this is a right way.”

But the different parties[3] fell into disputes among themselves; but woe to those who thus transgressed, because of the punishment of an afflictive day!

For what wait they but for the hour “to come suddenly on them, while they expect it not?”

Friends on that day shall become foes to one another, except the God-fearing:—

"O my servants! on this day shall no fear come upon you, neither shall ye be put to grief,

Who have believed in our signs and become Muslims:


Enter ye and your wives into Paradise, delighted.”

Dishes and bowls of gold shall go round unto them: there shall they enjoy whatever their souls desire, and whatever their eyes delight in; and therein shall ye abide for ever.

This is Paradise, which ye have received as your heritage in recompense for your works;

Therein shall ye have fruits in abundance, of which ye shall eat.

But in the torment of Hell shall the wicked remain for ever: It shall not be mitigated to them, and they shall be mute for despair therein.

For it is not we who have treated them unjustly, but it was they who were unjust to themselves.

And they shall cry: "0 Malec![4] would that thy Lord would make an end of us!” He saith: “Here must ye remain.”

  1. That is, as we caused Jesus to be born without a human father.
  2. At his return to this earth. Some refer this to the Koran as revealing the last Hour. Lit. He (or It) is for knowledge of the Hour.
  3. Jewish and Christian sects.
  4. Malec is one of the keepers of Hell, who specially presides over the torments of the damned.