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And on "the Day" we will gather them all together: then will we say to those who joined gods with God, “ Where are those companion-gods of yours, as ye supposed them? ”

Then shall they find no other excuse than to say, “ By God our Lord! we joined not companions with Him.”

Behold ! how they lie against themselves and the gods of their own inventing desert them !

Some among them hearken unto thee: but we have cast veils over their hearts that they should not understand the Koran, and a weight into their ears: and though they should see all kinds of signs, they will refuse all faith in them, until when they come to thee, to dispute with thee, the infidels say, “ Verily, this is nothing but fables of the ancients.”

And they will forbid it, and depart from it: but they are only the authors of their own perdition, and know it not.

If thou couldst see when they shall be set over the fire, and shall say, “ Oh ! would we might be sent back ! we would not treat the signs of our Lord as lies! we would be of the believers.”

Aye ! that hath become clear[1] to them which they before concealed; but though they should return, they would surely go back to that which was forbidden them; for they are surely liars !

And they say, “ There is no other than our life in this world, neither shall we be raised again.”

30 But if thou couldest see when they shall be set before their Lord! He shall say to them, “ Is not this it[2] in truth? ” They shall say, “ Yea, by our Lord! ” “ Taste then,” saith He, “ the torment, for that ye believed not! ”

Lost are they who deny the meeting with God until "the Hour" Cometh suddenly upon them ! Then will they say, “ Oh, our sighs for past negligence of this hour ! ” and they shall bear their burdens on their back! Will not that be evil with which they shall be burdened ?

The life in this world is but a play and pastime; and better surely for men of godly fear will be the future mansion ! Will ye not then comprehend ?

    considered as the word of God, must have greatly tended to secure the revelations of the Prophet from being in any way tampered with and corrupted.

  1. They are self-convicted of their own hypocrisy and of the hollowness of their professions.
  2. The Resurrection, etc.