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sabbath-breakers:[1] and the command of God was carried into effect.

Verily, God will not forgive the union of other gods with Himself! But other than this will He forgive to whom He pleaseth. And He who uniteth gods with God hath devised a great wickedness.

Hast thou not marked those who hold themselves to be righteous? But God holdeth righteous whom He will; and they shall not be wronged the husk of a date stone. Behold how they devise a lie of God! Therein is wickedness manifest enough!

Hast thou not observed those to whom a part of the Scriptures hath been given?[2] They believe in Djibt and Thagout, and say of the infidels, " These are guided in a better path than those who hold the faith."

These are they whom God hath cursed: and for him whom God hath cursed, thou shalt by no means find a helper.

Shall they have a share in the kingdom who would not bestow on their fellow men even the speck in a date stone?

Envy they other men what God of his bounty hath given them? We gave of old the Scriptures and wisdom to the line of Abraham, and we gave them a grand kingdom:

—Some of them believe on the prophet and some turn aside from him:—the flame of Hell is their sufficing punishment!

Those who disbelieve our signs we will in the end cast into the fire: so oft as their skins shall be well burnt,[3] we will change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the torment. Verily God is Mighty, Wise!


But as for those who have believed, and done the things that are right, we will bring them into gardens ’neath which the rivers flow—therein to abide eternally; therein shall they have wives of stainless purity: and we will bring them into aye-shadowing shades.

Verily, God enjoineth you to give back your trusts to their owners, and when ye judge between men, to judge with fairness. Excellent is the practice to which God exhorteth you. God Heareth, Beholdeth!

O ye who believe! obey God and obey the apostle, and those among you invested with authority; and if in aught ye differ,

  1. Lit. the companions of the sabbath. See [xci.] ii. 61.
  2. This refers to certain renegade Jews, who out of hatred against Muhammad, went over to the Koreisch. See Nöldeke, p. 149.
  3. Lit. ripened.