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Literary Gazette, 11th November, 1836, Page 730



Suggested by a Drawing of W. Daniel’s, Esq. A. R. A.,
representing the Hindoo Girls floating their Tributary
offerings down the Ganges.

They bend above the moonlit stream,
    With gathered fruit and flowers;
The last on which the sun has left
    The earlier rosy hours.

One sends a vow to him afar—
    Ah! never can the heart
Know half the love it cherishes
    Until it comes to part.

A thousand things are then recalled,
    Though scarcely marked at first;
But lingering thoughts in after hours
    Betray how they were nurst.

Another sends a little boat
    Upon its happier way;
She knows to-morrow will restore
    The eyes she loved to-day.

They bend with all the eager hope,
    The confidence of youth,
Which makes the future it believes,
    And trusts itself with truth.

And never Grecian chisel formed
    Shapes of more perfect grace,
Than by the moonlit Ganges bend,
    Each o'er her mirrored face.

Ah! love takes many shapes; at first
    It comes as flashes fly,
That bear the lightning on their wings,
    And then in darkness die.