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. EXERCISES I. I. Fabula Andromedae narrata est. 2. Multae fabulae a magis- tro narratae sunt. 3. Ager ab agricola valido aratus erat. 4. Agri ab agricolis validis arati erant. 5. Aurum a servo perfido ad domi- cilium suum portatum erit. 6. Nostra arma a legato laudata sunt. Quis vestra arma laudavit? 7. Ab ancilla tua ad cenam vocatae sumus. 8. Andromeda monstro non data est, quia monstrum a Perseo necatum erat. II. I. The provinces were laid waste, the field had been laid waste, the towns will have been laid waste. 2. The oracles were heard, the oracle was heard, the oracles had been heard. 3. The oracle will have been heard, the province had been captured, the boats have been captured. 4. The fields were laid waste, the man was advised, the girls will have been advised. 5. The towns had been ruled, we shall have been captured, you will have been heard. LESSON XXXVI REVIEW OF PRINCIPAL PARTS • PREPOSITIONS YES-OR-NO QUESTIONS . The following list shows the principal parts of all the verbs you have had excepting those used in the paradigms. The parts you have had before are given for review, and the perfect participle is the only new form for you to learn. Sometimes one or more of the principal parts are lacking, which means that the verb has no forms based on that stem. A few verbs lack the perfect passive participle but have the future active participle in -urns, which appears in the principal parts instead. Irregular Verbs sum esse absum abesse do ^ dare

do is best classed with the irregular verbs because of the short a in the 

present and participial stems. fui futunis de afui afuturus be away dedi datus give