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antiqui vivebant ? In terra quae est proxima Rheno GermanI vive- bant. 5. Quibuscum^ GermanI bellum gerebant? Cum Romanis, qui eos superare studebant, German! bellum gerebant. 6. Qui viri castra ponunt ? li sunt viri quorum armis Germani victi sunt. . Quibus telis copiae nos- trae eguerunt ? Gladiis et pills nostrae copiae eguerunt . A quibus porta sinistra tenebatur.? A sociis porta sinistra tenebatur. 9. Quae provinciae a Romanis occu- patae sunt? Multae pro- vinciae a Romanis occu- patae sunt. 10. Quibus viris dei favebunt.? Bonis viris dei favebunt. II. I. What victory will you announce? 2. I will announce to the people the victory which the sailors have won. 3. The men who were pitching camp were 4. Nevertheless they were soon conquered by the 5. They could not resist our forces, GERMANI ANTIQUI eager for battle. troops which Sextus had sent but fled from that place without delay. . The Faithless Tarpeia (Concluded) ^ Tarpeia, commota ornamentis Sablnorum pulchris, diu resistere non potuit et respondit : " Date mihi * omamenta quae in sinistris brac- chiis geritis, et celeriter copias vestras in Capitolium ducam." Nee

cum is added to the ablative of relative, interrogative, and personal pro- 

nouns instead of being placed before them. ^ Explain the use of the tenses in this selection. • to me.