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Plural TERMINATIONS M. AND F. Norn. caedSs hostCs urb€s clientCs -«s Gen. caedinm hostium urbium clientium -ium Dat. caedibus hostibus urbibus clientibus -ibus Ace. caedis, -Ss hostis, -Ss urbis, -Ss clientis, -8s -is, -€S Abl. caedibus hostibus urbibus clientibus -ibus . avis, civis, finis, ignis, navis have the ablative singular in -i or -e. . turris has accusative tunim and ablative turri or turre. . Neuter /-Stems. Neuter i-stems are declined as follows : insigne, n., animal, n., calcar, n., decoraticn animal spur Stems insigni- animali- caldri- Bases insign- SlNGULAR calcar- TERMINATIONS Norn. Tnsigne animal calcar -^or — Gen, insignis animalis calciria -is Dat, Insigni animali calcari -i Ace. Tnsigfne animal calcar -tor— Abl. Insigni animali Plural calcari -i Norn. insignia animalU calcaria -ia Gen. Tnsignium animalium calcarium -ium Dat. Insignibus animalibus calcaribus -ibus Ace. insignia animalia calcaria -ia Abl. insignibus animalibus calcaribus -ibus I. Review § 74 and see how it applies to this declension. . The final -i- of the stem is usually droi ped in the nominative. If not dropped, it is changed to -e. . A long vowel is shortened before final -1 or -r. (Cf. § 12. 2.) . EXERCISES First learn the special vocabulary, p. 292. I. I . Quam urbem videmus t Urbs quam videtis est RQma. 2. ClvCs KomanI urbem suam turribus altis et mflris longis mOnlverant. . Venti nSvis longSs prohibebant finibus hostium adpropinqu§re. . Imperator a clientibus suis calcaria auri et alia insignia accgpit. . MilitSs Roman! cum hostibus bella saeva gessarunt et eOs caede