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Here R5mae, Corinthi, and domi arc locatives, being singular and of the first and second declensions respectively. But in Galba Athenis habitat, Galba lives at Athens, Galba Pompeiis habitat, Galba lives at Pompeii Athenis and Pompeiis are locative ablatives. These words can have no locative case, as the nominatives Athenae and Pompeii are//«nz/and there is no plural locative case form. . The word domus, home, house, has forms of both the second and the fourth declension. Learn its declension (§ 468). . EXERCISES First learn the special vocabulary," p. 293. I. I. Corinthi omnia insignia auri a ducibus victoribus rapta erant. 2. Caesar Genavam exercitum magnis itineribus duxit. 3. Quern pon- tem hostes cremaverant? Pontem in Rheno hostes cremaverant. 4. Pompeiis multas Romanorum demos videre poteritis. 5. Roma cOnsul equ5 veloci rus properavit. 6. Domi consulis homines multi sedebant. 7. Imperator iusserat legatum Athgnas cum multis nSvibus longis navigare. 8. Ante moenia urbis sunt Ordines arborum altarum. . Propter arborcs altas ncc lacum nee portum reperire potuimus. . Proeliis crebris Caesar legiones suas quae erant in Gallia ex- ercebat, 11. Cotidig in loco idoneo castra ponebat et muniebat II. 1. Caesar, the famous general, when he had departed from Rome, hastened to the Roman province on a swift horse.* 2. He had heard a rumor concerning the allies at Geneva. 3. After his arrival Caesar called the soldiers together and commanded them to join battle. 4. The enemy hastened to retreat, some because * they were afraid, others because* of wounds. 5. Recently I was at Athens and saw the place where the judges used to sit.* 6. Marcus and Sextus are my brothers ; the one lives at Rome, the other in the country. » Latin says " by a swift horse." What construction ? * Distinguish be- tween the English conjunction because (quia or quod) and the preposition because ^(propter). * mc-: A- sit, express by the imperfect