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HORATIUS PONTEM DEFENDIT . How HoRATius held the Bridge {Continued) Altera urbis pars muris, altera flumine satis munlrl videbatur. Sed erat pons in flumine qui hostibus iter paene dedit. Turn Horatius Codes, fortis vir, magna voce dixit, " Rescindite pontem, Roman! ! Brevi tempore Porsena in urbem copias suas traducet." lam hostes 5 in ponte erant, sed Horatius cum duobus (cf. § 479) comitibus ad extremam pontis partem properavit, et hi soli aciem hostium sustinue- runt. Tum vero cives Romani pontem a tergo rescindere incipiunt, et hostes frustra Horatium superare temptant. LESSON LII THE INDEFINITE PRONOUNS . The indefinite pronouns are used to refer to some person or some things without indicating which particular one is meant. The pronouns quis and qui, which we have learned in their interrogative and relative uses, may also be indefinite ; and nearly all the other in- definite pronouns are compounds of quis or qui and declined almost like them. Review the declension of these words, §§221, 227-