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LESSON LV IRREGULAR COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES (Continued) . Some adjectives in English have irregular comparison, as g^oo/if better, best ; many, more, most. So Latin comparison presents some irregularities. Among the adjectives that are compared irregularly are Positive bonus, -a, -um, good magnus, -a, -um, great malus, -a, -um, bad multus, -a, -um, much multi, -ae, -a, many parvus, -a, -um, small Comparative melior, melius maior, maius peior, peius , plus plures, plura minor, minus Superlative optimus, -a, -um maximus, ^, -um pessimus, -a, -um plurimus, -a, -um plurimi, -ae, -a minimus, -a, -am . The following four adjectives have two superlatives. Unusual forms are placed in parentheses. exterus, -a, -am, outward inferus, -a, -um, low posterus, -a, -um, next superus, -a, -um, above (exterior, -ius, outer) inferior, -ius, lower (posterior, -ius, later) superior, -ius, higher {extremus, -a, -um ^ outermost, (extimus, -a, -um) J last f infimus, -a, -um *|

imus, -a, -um J 

r postremus, -a, -um 1 (postumus, -a, -imi) / r.«prtmus,-a,-um| l^ summus, -a, -um J '* lowest last . Plfis, more (plural more, many, several), is declined as follows : Singular m asc. and pem. A'OM. Ct-n. Da/. Au: Abl. Plural neut. MASC AND FKM. neut. plus pluris plura pluris plurium pluriam plOribas pluribas plus pluris, -te plura plQre pluribos pluribas a. In the singular pl&s is used only as a neuter substantive.