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. Rule. Ablative with Comparatives. The comparative de- gree^ if quam is omitted^ is followed by the separative ablative. . EXERCISES First learn the special vocabulary, p. 296. I. I. Nemo milites alacriores Romanis vidit. 2. Statim imperator iussit nuntios quam celerrimos litteras Romam portare. 3. Multa flumina sunt leniora Rheno. 4. Apud Romanes quis erat clarior Caesare? 5. Nihil pulchrius urbe Roma vidi. 6. Subito multitudo audacissima magno clamore proelium acrius commisit. 7. Num est equus tuus tardus ? Non vero tardus, sed celerior aquila. 8. Ubi Romae fui, nemo e'rat mihi amicior Sexto. 9. Quaedam mulieres cibum militibus dare cupiverunt. 10. Rex vetuit civis ex urbe noctu discedere. 11. Ille puer est gracilior hac muliere. 12. Explorator duas {two) vias, alteram facilem, alteram difficiliorem, demonstravit. II. I. What city have you seen more beautiful than Rome ? 2. The Gauls were not more eager than the Germans. 3. The eagle is not slower than the horse. 4. The spirited woman did not fear to make the journey by night. 5. The mind of the multitude was quite gentle and friendly. 6. But the king's mind was very different. 7. The king was not like (similar to) his noble father. 8. These hills are lower than the huge mountains of our territory.