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years; per tOtum diem, for a whoU day. Here the space relation is one of extent of time. We could also say per decern pedes, y^r ten feet, where the space relation is one of extent of space. While this is correct Latin, the usual form is to use the accusative with no preposition, as, Vir tStum diem cucurrit, the man ran for a whole day Caesar miinim decern pedSs mSvit, Casar moved the wall ten feet . Rule. Accusative of Extent. Duration of time and ex- tent of space are expressed by the accusative. a. This accusative answers the questions how long? how far f b. Distinguish carefully between the accusative of time how long and the ablative of time when, or within which. Select the accusatives of time and space and the ablatives of time in the following : When did the general arrive ? He arrived at two o'clock. How long had he been marching? For four days. How far did he march? He marched sixty-five miles. Where has he pitched his camp? Three miles from the river, and he will remain there several days. The wall around the camp is ten feet high. When did the war begin? In the first year after the king's death. . EXERCISES First learri the special vocabulary, p. 298. I. Casar in Gaul. Caesar bellum in Gallia septem annOs gessit rrimO ann5 Helv€ti5s vidt, et eOdem annO multae GermSnOrum gentes ei s€se d^diderunt. MultOs iam ann5s German! Gallos vexa- bant * et duces German! c6pias suas trans Rhenum saepe traducebant.* N5n singull veniebant, sed multa milia hominum in Galliam contends- 5 bant. Qua de causa princip€s Galliae concilium convocavfirunt atque statu€runt ISgatOs ad Caesarem mittere. Caesar, simul atque hunc rumQrem audivit, c6pias suas sine mora coSgit. Prima iQce fortiter cum Germanis proelium commisit TOtum diem acriter pugnatum est Caesar ipse a dextrO comQ aciem dQxit. Magna pars cxerdtiis 10 German! ceddit Post magnam caedem paucf multa milia passuum ad flflmen fOp^runt.

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