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. Mittit nQntiOs jdicant, audiant, veniant, qui Inarrent, audiantur, in concilio sedeant. . Castra mQniunt f s€se defendant, impetum sustineant, quo fadlius Ihostis vincant, salutem petant. II. I. The Helvetii send ambassadors to seek^ peace. 2. They are setting out at daybreak in order that they may make a longer march before night. 3. They will hide the women in the forest (ace. with in) that they may not be captured. 4. The Gauls wage many wars to free^ their fatherland from slavery. 5. They will resist the Romans* bravely lest they be destroyed. LESSON LXIII INFLECTION OF THE IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE THE SEQUENCE OF TENSES . The imperfect subjunctive may be formed by adding the personal endings to the present active infinitive. CONJ. I CONJ. II CoNj. ACTIVE III CoNj. IV I. 3- ama'rem ama'rSs ama'ret mone'rem mone'rSs mone'ret re'gerem re'geres re'geret ca'perem ca'peres ca'peret audl'rem audl'res audl'ret - amarf'mua amare'tis ama'rent monerg'mus monere'tis nione'rent regerS'mua rcgcre'tis re'gerent PASSIVE capere'mus capere'Us ca'perent audlre'mos audire'tis audi'rent I. amS'rer mone'rer re'gerer ca'perer audl'rer . amar6'ri8(-re) moner6'ri8(-re) reger§'ri8(-re) caper6'ri8(-re) audlr€'ris(-re) . amarC'tur monerc'tur regerC'tur caperS'tur audlre'tur I. amarS'mur monerS'mur regerg'mnr caperC'mur audlre'mor 1. amare'mini monere'mini regert'mini caperS'mini audire'mini 3. amaren'tur moneren'tor r^eren'tnr caperen'tur audiren'tur tf. In a similar way inflect the imperfect subjunctive, active and passive, of cur5, iubeQ, sumO, iaciS, muni5.

  • Not infinitive. * Not accusative.