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. The passive of the perfect subjunctive is formed by combining the perfect passive participle with slm, the present subjunctive of sum. CONJ. I ama tus sun ama'lus sis ama'tus sit

. ama ti sunus 

. ama'ti sitis . ama'ti sint CONJ. II CONJ. Ill Perrbct Subjunctive Passive singular mo'nitus sim rec'tus slm cap'tus aim mo'nitus sis rec'tus sis cap'tus sis mo'nitus sit rec'tus sit cap'tus sit mo'niti simus mo'niti sitis mo'niti sint PLURAL rec'ti simus rec'ti sitis rec'ti sint cap'ti sitis cap'ti sint CONJ. IV audi'tus sim audl'tus sis audi'tus sit audi'ti simus audl'ti sitis audi'ti sint . The passive of the pluperfect subjunctive is formed by com- bining the perfect passive participle with essem, the imperfect sub- junctive of sum. CONJ. I CONJ. II CONJ. Ill CONJ. IV Pluperfect Subjunctive Passive singular . amatusessem monitusessem rectus essem captusessem audltusessem . amatus esses monitus esses rectus esses captus esses auditus esses . amatus esset monitus esset rectus esset captus esset auditus esset PLURAL . amatiessemns moniti essSmus recdessemus captiessemus auditi essemus . amatiessetis moniti essetis recti essetis captiessetis auditi essetis . amatiessent moniti essent recti essent captiessent auditi essent a. In a similar way inflect the perfect and pluperfect subjunctive passive of ciir5, iubeS, 8ilm5, iaciO, miini5. . The perfect and pluperfect subjunctive of the irregular verb sum are inflected as follows : Perfect fu'erim fue'rimus fu'eris fue'ritis fu'erit fu'erint Pluperfect fuis'sem fuiss^'mus fuis'sSs fuisse'tis fuis'set fuis'sent