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filii/ discebant. Nam saepe apud Romanos mos erat ^non in ludum filios mittere sed domi per magistrum docere. Cot5die discipuli cum magistro in peristyle^ Marc! domus sedebant. Omnes pueri buUam auream, originis honestae signum, in coUo gerebant, et omnes toga 5 praetexta amicti erant, *quod nondum sedecim annos® nati sunt.

d ^^

TABULA ET STILUS SCENE IN SCHOOL • AN EXERCISE IN COMPOSITION Discipuli. Salve, magister. Magister. Vos quoque omnes, salvete. ^Tabulasne portavistis et stilos? o D. Portavimus. M. lam fabulam Aesopi"^ dis- cemus. Ego legam, vos in tabu- lls scribite. Et tu, Publl, da mihi e capsa^ Aesop! volumen.^ lam

audite omnes: Vulpes et Uva. 

Vulpes olim fame coacta uvam dependentem v!dit. Ad uvam salie- bat, sumere conans. Frustra diu conata, tandem !rata erat et salire cessans dixit: "Ilia uva est acerba; acerbam uvam ^° nihil moror." !o Omnia'ne scripsistis, pueri ? D. Omnia, magister.

filii, in apposition with pueri. ^ n5n . . . mittere. This infinitive clause 

is the subject of erat. Cf. § 216. The same construction is repeated in the next clause, domi . . . docere. The object of docere is filios understood. 8 The peristyle was an open court surrounded by a colonnade. * At the age of sixteen a boy laid aside the bulla and the toga praetexta and assumed the toga vinlis or manly gown. ^ annos, § 501. 21. The expression nondum sedecim annos nati sunt means literally, they were born not yet sixteen years. This is the usual expression for age. What is the English equivalent? « Tablets were thin boards of wood smeared with wax. The writing was done with a stylus, a pointed instrument like a pencil, made of bone or metal, with a knob at the other end. The knob was used to smooth over the wax in making erasures and corrections. ' Aesopi, the famous Greek to whom are ascribed most of the fables current in the ancient world. « a cylindrical box for holding books and papers, shaped like a hatbox. ^ Ancient books were written on rolls made of pap/rus. i<> nihil moror, I care nothing for.