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^An Archaeologicdi.1 Tour to Greece and Itawly T"fram°t'hefr^^l|."^?.*^i'*'^'^",^°='"'J^"'=*"<* teachers of the classics, ancient history and archeology who can be absent at Harvard oJj, ""^ '"S 'h* summer and who desire to see these lands under the guidance of a former instructor in Greek Th f ^ ™^F"e>' of the American School at Athens in 1897-1899. ■riven S^HL'^aM^ from New York for Naples about June asd, and go first to Greece, to which at least five weeks will be Cane^kn^^f^Z r,.,u"%., Y'c'nity, the party will probably visit Nauplia. Epidauros, Tiryns, Mycene, Corinth, Eleusis, fn It r ' " , P*"' O'y^P'a, ^tolia and Corfu, and possibly places of interest in Thessaly. Rpinrninp- the T^rt„Zut To- w °'^ ™S* 1^'" ^^ ^iven to Rome and vicinity and the remaining time to Pompeii, Pffistum, Naples and vicinity. Mediterranean ?oute ^°"' September 2d, reaching New York about September 15th, both voyages being by the The cost of the tour vijill be, as in 1902, but I475, which includes all necessary expenses for travel, living and sight-seeing. AS the size ot the party is limited and places are already taken, applications should be made at an early date. T I 'P'Pi5"°'f°^)°" IS endorsed by leading educators such as Profs. John Williams White, of Harvard; T. D. Seymour, of Yale- J. irvmg -■uanatt, ot Brown, and M. L. D'Ooge, of Michigan University, and the feasibility of summer travel in Greece and Italy was demonstrated by the experience of the party ita 1902. = j ■ .7 j «»= For further information and circulars, address ARTHUR STODDARD COOLEY, Ph.D.

Central Street, Auburndale, Mass. 

THOMAS FORSYTHE NELSON Genealogical Scientist THE professional services of Mr. Nelson may be obtained in tracing any line of family descent, however intri- cate or indefinite the known facts may be ; especially where exhaustive search must be made through local, town, county or state records, either in the United States or in Europe. A special effort is made in every case to gather all possible data that would be of value, from a scientific standpoint, in determining the development and transmission of family traits or characteristics, either mental or physical ; to cite the historical and sociological environment of each individual head of family and thus enable descendants to study and know something more of their ancestry than is found in a mere catalogue of ancestral lines. Consultation and preliminary investigation will be made free of charge, and correspondence is desired with any person interested in, or wishing to pursue any line of genealogical research. Personal interview may be arranged for by correspondence. Address ^'"^'"'E^lftrotR^H'cCn^oKTHHPAST ' P. O. Box 473. Washingtoii. D. C. The Genealogical Quarterly Magazine AMAGAZINEj well printed, carefully edited, and intended as a repository of records valuable for genealogical purposes. Printing is the only way of preserving our records. The longer the subscription list the greater the work accomplished. A yearly subscription ($3) is little to ask of anyone to whom such a magazine would be either interesting or useful. Queries may be inserted free. Established I890 at Salem, Mass.; now Published at 14 Beacon Street. Boston, Mass. j|@»Three specimen copies will be sent upon receipt of $1. "omplete set, including subscription for 1902, I55. Lantern Slideis and Rhotographs Dr. Arthur Stoddard Cooley, of Auburndale, Mass., has issued a Catalogue of Photographs ofGreece and Europe ( with supplement dated July, 1901, and October, ), from which list slides and prints will be supplied at the following rates : Slides, 40 cents each; ^4. SO per dozen; ^3S.OO per Hundred. The purchaser pays cost of packing and transportation. Slides may be rented for 10 cents each for one month or part thereof and K cents each for each succeeding month or part thereof; renter to pay cost of packing and transportation both ways and to make good damages after receipt of the slides. Prints of negatives will be sent for examination and may be retained at the usual rates or returned in good order withm two weeks. Rhotographs (size, about 3)^ lay 3}^ Inches). Velox Prints, 12 cents each ; per dozen, $1.35 ; per hundred, $10.00. Solio Prints, single print, 10 cents; per dozen, $1.10; per hundred, $8.00. From Negatives marked (B), 8 cents each. Blue Prints, 6 cents each; $5.00 per hundred. Complete Catalogues will be sent on receipt of Fifteen Cents, which includes postage. authorized american agent of a. rhomaides of athens. Address. ARXMUR S. COOI-EY, 387- CEIMXRAI- STREET. AU BU RN DAI-E. MASS.