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Lantern Slide Department OF RECORDS OF THE PAST EXPLORATION SOCIETY We are prepared to furnish SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, CLERGYMEN and LECTURERS with Lantern Slides of lliGliaeoiopal Histoiieal and EtMcal SUBJECTS BOTH AMERICAN AND FOREIGN WE CAN furnish Lantern Slides from the Original Photographs of any of the Illustrations that have appeared in Records of the Past. We have access to all the negatives belonging to the United States Bureau of Ethnology, the Geological and Geographical Surveys, and so can furnish Lantern Slides from the Originals of any of the illustra- tions which have appeared in their Voluminous Reports. These include : Aztec Ruins, Cavate Dwellings, Prehistoric Carvings and Hieroglyphs, Mummies, Pueblos, Ancient and Modern Pottery, Indian Types Taken from the Tribes now living in the United States and Mexico Our Lantern Slides are made by HILLERS Former Chief Photographer of the Geological and Ethnological Bureaus. He has received Gold Medals and Diplomas at all the Expositions in this Country and Europe. His Colored Transparencies are known all over the World WE WILL TAKE ORDERS FOR HILLERS' ENLARGED TRANSPARENCIES IN BLACK AND WHITE OR COLORED which can be made in any size up to 5 feet from the above-mentioned Negatives or others furnished us. For Terms and Further Information, address Records of the Past Exploration Society , Third Street, S. E., Washington, D. C.