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{SpeoiEiJ. ComTbinatioML Offer RECORDS OF THE PAST and BffiLIOTHECA SACRA Records of the Past is a strictly scientific publication, but we realize that a large number of the Laity, as well as the Clergy are interested in the great religious and social questions that are not, and cannot be, discussed within the limits of the popular magazines published in this country. Bibliotheca Sacra is now in its 73d year, and is the oldest quarterly published in the United States. The contributors embrace many of the most prominent men of the religious bodies of America and Europe. Under the able editorship of the Rev. Prof. George Frederick Wright, D.D., LL.D., of Oberlin College, it has reached the highest standard of scholarship, and the widest treat- ment of the great social and religious questions of the day. We are able to make a clubbing rate with Bibliotheca Sacra exceedingly favorable to the Clergy and Laity, Public Libraries and Reading Rooms, and will send to new subscribers the two periodicals for 1903 for $}, thereby saving to the subscriber $2 on the two publications. The annual subscription of Records of the Past being $2, and the Bibliotheca Sacra $3. Present subscribers to Records of the Past can have Bibliotheca Sacra for 1903, by remitting to Records of the Past Exploration Society ^2.50. The renewal clubbing rate to the two periodicals for 1903, will be $4. Bibliotheca Sacra is published quarterly at Oberlin, Ohio, on the first of January, April, July and October. Each issue contains 200 octavo pages. Professor Wright's fullest statement of the facts discovered during his recent trip through Central Asia bearing on the credibility of the Noachian deluge will be given in the Bibliotheca Sacra for 1903- PARTIAL CONTENTS OF THE Bibliotheca Sacra, Vol. LIX, 1902 Janueiry Huxley and Phillips Brooks. Prof. William Newton Clarke, D.D. ^13:^ Witchcraft and the Old Testament. Rev. Charles Edward Smith, D.D. The Steel Strike (I) Prof. Ernest Ludlow Bogart. Professor Paine on the Trinities. Prof. Frank Hugh Foster, D.D., Ph.D. Plenty and Famine in Egypt. Prof. G. Frederick Wright, D.D., LL.D. An Oberlin Interpreter of Ritschl. Rev. A. A. Berle, D.D. Why Did Amos Predict the Captivity ? Prof. E. E. Braithwaite. April The Latest Translation of the Bible (I). Rev. Henry M. Whitney. ^ZZ^Z The Supernatural. Ex-Pres. John Bascom, D.D., LL.D. The Growing Socialism. Rev. Andrew Burns Chalmers. The Steel Strike (II). Prof Ernest Ludlow Bogart. Higher Criticism and Messianic Prophecy. Rev. Edward Hartley Dewart, D.D. A Study of Mormonism (I). Rev. George R. Lunn. July Resurrection 3000-4000 B. C. and the Old Testament. Prof. Howard Osgood, D. D. ZZIZ^l A Study of Mormonism (II). Rev. George R. Lunn. The Latest Translation of the Bible (H). Rev. Henry M. Whitney. A. D. Harnack's "Essence of Christianity. " O. Zockler (Translation). Christian Charity of the Twentieth Century Church. Rev. H. Francis Perry. Reaction Between Natural Science and Religion. Prof. Frederick W. Sardeson, Ph.D. Of Speci».l Timeliness are Prof. G. Frederick Wright's articles on the Flood in the April, July and October Numbers. April No. — Interpretation of the Biblical Account. July N o.— Considers the vast amount of evidence which has recently come to light showing that there has been & period of instability of the earth's crust extending down to comparatively recent times, which, from a scientific point of view, renders the scriptural accounts of the Flood easily credible. October No.— Presents ihe^ positive geological evidences going to show that some such wide-spread catastrophe as the Flood has actually occurred since tnan came into the world. «  Back Numbers of BIBLIOTHECA and RECORDS OF THE PAST can be furnished