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This page needs to be proofread.

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 `0``   A     Aiii: They overflow with genuine poetry

J ,-,; Kooo y y,;_ Not alone by mothers, they may be read by

   and protit; i0~0l and every pure mind
   il0<     `i`;`   of blended anecdote and precept.
   we urgethat this work should be everywhere diffused and
   l,,i,,  ¤¢¤di0¢l'*"     , ee,  
 i__:yA     From the Boston Weeiiiiyiilllagazinrz.
 $igourney’s ‘ Letters to Mothers’ present, in a most at-
 tho privileges and enjoyments, the duties, cares, and
 maternal life. This excellent bookycannot be read
   by any one who is in any way concerned in the

` y 0 _·;0 children. ;A vein of deep, strong feeling runs s _ thrnugh, the work, giving it an interest which it could not other- _ C The eiioetionste mother, the humble Christian, the 2 iriocl ofesii spirit accustomed to look beyonchthe present. . A are everywhere observable, while a rich and even poetic Bow of diction gives vigour and zest to the style."