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y “itii sisr 0 MOTHEl3S.

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» i · *‘ Sigevméy has = *i*~l° A M A~¢ . °L°¥*Q’$£»;l?° Tim >>¢» li‘¢“l°°l·°d il in _¢%)v ¤¤¤*s¤¤¢· w<>¤¤¤¤· ¤¤# W$ md withcthe morality and piety. Mrsg %¢`i oumeylssgstandard is found in the Bible. All her have an immediate reference to the religion of none of writings disclose a sentiment *j’· not founded upon the immovjealile basis of genuine Christiahity.; ssir Y nsi» VVe have no doubt that this will prove to be one of thexjmost oil` ploipo 2 MM ¤f her w¤rk$·"s ’itil #¢¤ " W —l e oi;‘iL ¢ii iki ii A i‘i’i i ii `¢ii’ Y sZ»» J jls A i s r t»sis iiii iiii ‘loo A M

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     *“-‘¥Letters to. sMotheiis," l``i   Mrs. ’`”ii`` Sigourney, is, if  {mistake   ‘
 ii not, destined to be 0H8l`Uf the BIOS!   it      l iiiAt.s  

written and most interesting productions ofthe au- thor. It is a gift to mothers, which they cannot fail sssi »,1ra _ _ and for which they will not be slow to be »rAt i_i r ¢»»t subjects nie treated in a manner intelligible tojlreadersiof ‘-¥¥i ssv` All class, the polished style, to classical allusions, and the rich senti·s l`l; ments will win its way to families of the highest intelligence and i refinement; and in many such circles will diffuse a deep feeling yl of responsibility, and a strong regard to moral cultivation}? _,l` A tyig Ai;tgg‘A r

the Ncw·York Amman.     sls*“*< 5   trtlitiiii  

“ The last two productions of Mrs. Sigourney’s pen ably been’the;_;;gnost useful productions of the day, and theirrank the chosen volumes ofrtevexy domestic rlis »»i‘ iii;i‘ti ¥’ perpetuating the virtue which cherishes them. The great of these writings is, that while others are striving to fill the head with new ideas, by familiar treatises on subjects in themselves no abstrusefthtxse attempt, with success, the culture of thewheart. Q We cannot too earnestly recommend to mothersséesgerlygoc;,avail`· ` themielves of thevprivilege of reading and letters?