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osity of the proletarian ranks by salutiferous laws — the deletion of popular inscience by the erection of phrontisteries of all gradations; in the superior and ulterior of which should be taught: Aretology, Teleology, Orthology, Etiology, Ontology, Pneumatology, Dactylology, Ornithology, Aerology, Orology, Enigmatology, Helminthology, Numismatology, Pathognomy, Physianthropy, Physiography, Pasigraphy, Craniography, Stratography, Aerography, Cometography, Selenography, Anemography, Hydrography, Zoography, Paleography, Siderography, Tachygraphy, and Navarchy. Also Ophthalmoscopy, Esophagotomy, Neurotomy, Arteriotomy, Orthometry, Baculometry, Cyclometry, Horometry, Longimetry, Altimetry, Taxidermy, Hydrostatics, Chromatics, Trochilics, Gymnastics, Dynamics, and Hydrodynamics.

He iterated the asseveration that he was not a questant for a participation in the gubernation of the federation, in view of ditation, but with an irrepressible conviction that an immutation of the regnant powers, should take place; — that the extravagations and largitations of the incumbent dynasts have already effectuated a labefaction of former eutaxy — that his longanimity is exhausted — that although longevous, he never in any anteriority of his being, perceived such a necessitation of a decurtation of national fallencies, as in this period of the present secle.

He made the indiction that the present aspect of the confederation, was most luctual to him, and that as a statist he had the most sombre ominations of disastrous sequences, in view of the depeculations and proditions of the gubernative party – that he had an insatiable inhiation to witness the reddition and prepotency of pure Washingtonian democracy, or heppen ochlocracy, or aristarchy.

In the prevenient part of the locution, the orator at