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Subclass PN

PN1-6790 Literature (General)
PN1-9   Periodicals
PN20-30 Societies
PN45-57 Theory. Philosophy. Esthetics
PN59-72 Study and teaching
PN80-99 Criticism
PN101-245 Authorship
PN172-239   Technique. Literary composition, etc.
PN241-241.5 Translating as a literary pursuit
PN441-1009.5 Literary history
PN451-497 Biography
PN500-519 Collections
PN597-605 Special relations, movements, and currents of literature
PN610-779 By period
PN611-649   Ancient
PN661-694 Medieval (to 1500)
PN683-687   Legends
PN688-691 Poetry
PN692-693 Prose. Prose fiction
PN695-779 Modern
PN715-749 Renaissance (1500-1700)
PN801-820 Romance literature
PN821-840 Germanic literature
PN841 Black literature (General)
PN842 Jewish literature in various languages
PN851-(884) Comparative literature
PN(905)-1008 Folk literature
PN980-995 Fables
PN1008.2-1009.5 Juvenile literature
PN1010-1525 Poetry
PN1031-1049 Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.
PN1065-1085 Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects
PN1110-1279 History and criticism
PN1301-1333 Epic poetry
PN1341-1347 Folk poetry
PN1351-1389 Lyric poetry
PN1530 The monologue
PN1551 The dialogue
PN1560-1590 The performing arts. Show business
PN1585-1589 Centers for the performing arts
PN1600-3307 Drama
PN1635-1650 Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects
PN1660-1693 Technique of dramatic composition
PN1720-1861 History
PN1865-1988 Special types
PN1990-1992.92 Broadcasting
PN1991-1991.9 Radio broadcasts
PN1992-1992.92 Television broadcasts
PN1992.93-19-92.95 Nonbroadcast video recordings