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PN1993-1999     Motion pictures
PN1997-1997.85   Plays, scenarios, etc.
PN2000-3307 Dramatic representation. The theater
PN2061-2071 Art of acting
PN2085-2091 The stage and accessories
PN2131-2193 By period
PN2131-2145   Ancient
PN2152-2160 Medieval
PN2171-2179 Renaissance
PN2181-2193 Modern
PN2219.3-3030 Special regions or countries
PN3035 The Jewish theater
PN3151-3171 Amateur theater
PN3175-3191 College and school theatricals
PN3203-3299 Tableaux, pageants, "Happenings," etc.
PN3311-3503 Prose. Prose fiction
PN3329-3352 Philosophy, theory, etc.
PN3355-3383 Technique. Authorship
PN3427-3448 Special kinds of fiction. Fiction genres
PN3451-3503 History
PN4001-4355 Oratory. Elocution, etc.
PN4071-4095 Study and teaching
PN4177-4191 Debating
PN4199-4321 Recitations (in English)
PN4331-4355 Recitations in foreign languages
PN4390 Diaries
PN4400 Letters (Literary history)
PN4500 Essays (Literary history)
PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.
PN4735-4748 Relation to the state. Government and the press. Liberty of the press
PN4775-4784 Technique. Practical journalism
PN4825-4830 Amateur journalism
PN4832-4836 Magazines and other periodicals
PN4840-5648 By region or country
PN5650 The Jewish press
PN6010-6790 Collections of general literature
PN6066-6069 Special classes of authors
PN6080-6095 Quotations
PN6081-6084 English
PN6086-6089 French
PN6090-6110 German
PN6099-6110 Poetry
PN6110.5-6120 Drama
PN6120.15-6120.95 Fiction
PN6121-6129 Orations
PN6130-6140 Letters
PN6141-6145 Essays
PN6146.5-6231 Wit and humor
PN6157-6222 By region or country
PN6233-6238 Anacreontic literature