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PN6244-6246     Literary extracts. Commonplace books
PN6249-6258 Ana
PN6259-6268 Anecdotes. Table talk
PN6269-6278 Aphorisms. Apothegms
PN6279-6288 Epigrams
PN6288.5-6298 Epitaphs
PN6299-6308 Maxims
PN6309-6318 Mottoes
PN6319-6328 Sayings, bon mots, etc.
PN6329-6338 Thoughts
PN6340-6348 Toasts
PN6348.5-6358 Emblems, devices
PN6361 Paradoxes
PN6366-6377 Riddles, acrostics, charades, conundrums, etc.
PN6400-6525 Proverbs
PN6700-6790 Comic books, strips, etc.