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Subclass PQ

PQ1-3999 French literature
PQ1-771   History and criticism
PQ1-150   General
PQ151-221 Medieval. Old French
PQ226-310 Modern
PQ400-491 Poetry
PQ500-591 Drama
PQ601-771 Prose and prose fiction
PQ(781)-841) Folk literature
PQ845 Juvenile literature
PQ1100-1297 Collections
PQ1100-1145 General
PQ1160-1193 Poetry
PQ1211-1241 Drama
PQ1243-1297 Prose
PQ1300-1595 Old French literature
Class here Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550
PQ1300-1391 Collections
Individual authors and works
PQ1411-1545   To 1350/1400
PQ1551-1595 (14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)
PQ1600-2726 Modern literature
Individual authors
PQ1600-1709 16th century
PQ1710-1935 17th century
PQ1947-2147 18th century
PQ2149-2551 19th century
PQ2600-2651 1900-1960
PQ2660-2686 1961-2000
PQ2700-2726 2001-
PQ3800-3999 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
PQ4001-5999 Italian literature
PQ4001-4199.5 History and criticism
PQ4001-4063 General
PQ4064-4075 Early to 1500
PQ4077-4088 Modern
PQ4091-(4131) Poetry
PQ4133-4160 Drama
PQ4161-4185 Prose
PQ(4186)-(4199) Folk literature
PQ4199.5 Juvenile literature (General)
PQ4201-4263 Collections
PQ4201-4204 General
PQ4205-4206 Translations
PQ4207-4225 Poetry
PQ4227-4245 Drama
PQ4247-4263 Prose
PQ4265-4556 Individual authors and works to 1400