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L— K———, who was present, acquainted Rab that he had taken up a bet with another gentleman that he would eat a Calf. Without acquainting him in what manner it was to be cooked, Rab said he would do his endeavour. K——— having ordered the calf to be baked up in pies, after they were ready, he said to Rab that he might partake of a pie till the calf would be ready. One pie, came in after another, till he had devoured the whole calf with the exception of one pie. He was then told him to eat that one also, when Rab bawled out, K—, Lo'd I canna dae that, ye ken, the calf's to come yet."

If we were to insert all the anecdotes concerning this eccentric character they would fill a volume, we must therefore, commence the melancholy part of our story:—On Martinmas Wednesday, November 22, a number of Rab's acquaintances from the country gave him several dozes of meat and drink, in which he indulged rather freely. Late in the evening he was seen making his way along Stockwell Street bridge towards Hutchisontown, in a state of inebriety, where he found shelter in the hay loft alluded to, and carried to the Police Office, there to a