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wait farther investigation. It is supposed that he died partly by the drink he had swallowed, and partly by suffocation. Thus ended the career of poor Rab. He died as he lived, in the midst of gluttony and intemperance; and we can only lament that the man should have ever given himself up to such sensual appetites.

The following is an Elegy, written by W. Cameron, (alias Hawkie) on the occasion.


Ye Glasgow folks, baith ane ar' a',
Look sad, and let a tear doon fa',
For your big glutton, Rabbie Ha',
Is noo no more;
His soul's winged from a stable-a't
To anither shore.

Rab, by profession, foolery feign'd,
For that the wretch eou'd not be blam'd,
Rab's character a glutton claim'd,
Beef, scone, or bannock:
A calf devouring a' at ance,
Ne'er turn'd his stamack.