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from Acts xiii. 31. At 9 in the evening several addresses were given by Brothers J. Benham, W. Beaver, J. Sunday, and myself; a prayer meeting closed the services.

Saturday 28th, — At 8 a. m., Brother Davidson preached on Job xxi. 15. At 11 Brother Egerton Ryerson, from Isaiah liii. 3. In the evening, Brother W. Smith; a great crowd of people had assembled this evening.

Sunday 29th. — At 8, a. m., preaching by Elder Case, from Psalm xxiii. 1. At 11 Brother E. Ryerson, from John vii. 37. At 4, p. m., there was an exhibition of the improvement of the Indian children from Grape Island in reading and spelling; they also repeated part of the Ten Commandments; they then sang: they have made great improvement. The congregation appeared greatly interested, and it must have been a great satisfaction to those who contributed to aid this good cause. May the Lord increase the zeal of all his people, and make them instant in season and out of season! At the close of this exhibition, Miss Barnes gave a discourse on the incarnation, sufferings, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Saviour; she spoke fluently, with a strong voice, and very figuratively. We had a very powerful prayer meeting in the evening, sinners crying for mercy, and professing christians seeking for sanctification.

Monday 30th. — At 7 o'clock this morning I endeavoured to preach to the white people from Acts xiii. 41. Brother Allen Crow and W. Beaver exhorted the Indians. After a short address from Elder Case, he proceeded to administer the Holy Sacrament, This was a precious time to my soul. The meeting closed with singing and prayer. There was good order preserved throughout the meeting. After taking leave of my brethren I started for the Credit, by way of Rice Lake, accompanied by Brother H. Biggar. Slept at the Carrying Place. Miss Barnes and others also stayed there.