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His Birth—His Father—Tuhbenahneequay, his Mother—Brothers and Sisters—Early Habits—Named Kahkewaquonaby—His Grandfather—Indian Training—Adopted by Captain Jim—Removes to the Credit—Lost—Crippled—His Mother's affection—Flying Skeleton—Nabdowny's—War with the United States—Sent to School—Settles on the Grand River—Mohawk Christians—His Baptism—Religious thought—Never a drunkard—Hires himself to Brick making to pay for his Schooling—Seth Crawford—Mr. E. Stoney—Thomas Davis—The Spirit at work—Attends a Camp meeting in Ancaster—Description—Rev. William Case—Burden of his soul—His Sister converted—Efforts of Revs. E. Stoney and G. Ferguson—Made a Child of God—Immediate wish for the conversion of others—Mr. Case exalts—Delivered from doubt—Joy of his Parents—Revs. A Torry, Whithead, E. Stoney, Abner Matthews—Soon a good work—Seth Crawford made Class Leader—The Spirit poured out—Chief Davis—Mr. Jones keep a Day School—Religious acts and joys—Relatives converted—His exhortations a blessing—First Methodist Indian Church in Canada—Many Indians born of God there—Resigns brick making and oxen for Christ—To Preach a necessity—Commences a Journal at the suggestion of Elder Case Pages



Religious activies—Messissaugas deeply affected—Keeps School—Love for Seth Crawford—Mohawk Sabbath School—Rev. Robert Corson—A Death—Ministers visit the Grand River—Mr. Torry preaches and visits—Prayer for the Whites—Clearing of land—Prayer meetings—Progression of the work—Mr. Whitehead preaching—The power of God—Visit of Torry and himself to Indians on the Thames—Services among the Whites—Turkey, the Muncey Chief—Zeal for the Munceys—Some in tears—Council of Indians—Divided on Christianity—Mr. John Carey made Teacher—Quarterly Meeting at Burdick's—Sabbath of rejoicing—Often at his Father's—The Meetings increasingly useful—Camp Meeting—Rev. Thom. Madden—Rev. James Richardson—Goes to the Credit for Presents—Preaching on the Flats—A crowd—Rev. D. Culp—Colonel Givins—Visit of Dr. Strachan—Prayer meetings by the way—Many Credit Indians gone up to Grand River—Forty-five baptized—Number of Indian Members—Starts with Indian brethren to labour at Muncey—Zeal—Difficulties—Widow Dolson—Meets Mr. Torry—Feast of Offerings—Rev. G. Ryerson—Conference at Fifty-Mile Creek—Preaching on the Credit Flats—Visit of Elder Case—Interview with Sir Peregrine Maitland—Letter from Mr. Case—Peter Jones' Reply—Letter from Mr. Carrey—Another letter from Mr. Case, and P. Jones' Answer—Mr. Case to Mr. Crawford, the Mohawk Teacher




Visits the Indians on the Bay of Quinte—Reception at the Mohawk settlement—Prayer in the woods of Earnestown—Quarterly meetings—Sinners saved—Search for the Ojebways—Obtaining Indian Youths for School—Hurried meetings at Kingston—Rev. S. Waldron—Mohawk letter of Objection—Belleville Indians—Hopeful signs—Elder Ryan—John Sunday—Good done—Returns home—Secret prayer—Learning grammar at Mr. G. Ryerson's—The Spirit poured out on Sabbath—Good news from Muncey—Removal to the Credit—Builds a slab Bethel—The Lord in it—Clearing village lots—Indians and Whites flocking to worship—Elder Madden and Rev. Egerton Ryerson preaches to them—Peter's feelings of unworthiness—Rev. G. Sovereign—First Credit Sunday and Day Schools—Happy Sabbath—Visit of Mr. Case—Starts again for Bay of Quinte—Belleville Indians—Revs. J. Reynolds and J. Back—J. Sunday converted—Rev. F. Metcalf—First baptisms—A Trader's testimony—Credit rejoicing for Belleville—Burial of first Christian Native—Camp meeting on Yonge Street—Honesty with Officials—Leaves with Indians for Grand River Camp meeting—Light for darkness at all the Meetings—Letter from Peter's Father—Starts for Lake Simcoe with the Rev. Egerton Ryerson, Sunday and Moses—Awakening at Newmarket—Twelve-Mile Creek Camp meetings—A threat—Members at the Credit—Directed by Elder Case to the Indians of Darlington and Rice Lake—Joy and weeping—Build a bush Church—Teaching the Commandments—Many baptized—Liberality—Port Hope drunken Indians—an Impression made—Indians in Whitby—Encouraging indications



Goes to Bay of Quinte—Schoogog Indians—Whiskey barrels—Rev. J. Wilson—Gladness at Rice Lake—Christ preached, as elsewhere—Kingston Indians at Belleville—Shouting at Grape Island—Building there—Rev. W. Atwood—The Lord's Supper—Quarterly meeting near Cobourg—Rev. J. C. Davidson—Baptism by Elder Case—Temporal affairs—Clearing on Spook Island—Teams ploughing—Planting—Captain Pahdosh—Rev. Mr. Osgood—Mud Lake Indians deeply affected—Regrets leaving them—Rev. J. Black at the Credit—Yonge Street Camp meeting—Indian baptism—Holland Landing—Meetings—Indians fall to the ground—Rev. J. Beaty—The Lord in the midst—Traders threatening—A slab Church—Brother Law commences School—Conversions—Visits Lake Simcoe—Evangelizations rapid—Services of Rev. E. Ryerson—Goes from Credit to Grand River—Rev. J. Messmore—Natives at Fair Child's Creek—The Lord descended—School at Salt Springs—Rev. Mr. Luggar—Started for Schoogog, Mud Lake, Rice Lake and Grape Island—A triumphant journey—Estemm for Mr. Case—The Indians firm in their Methodism—Accompanies Mr. Case to Newmarket—Administration of the Sacrements—Formation of Classes—Flattering prospects here, as at other places



Arrives at the Credit—Meetings—Writing—Peggy Ball—Strange Indians—A Fast—Quarterly Meeting—Gentlemen Visitors—Translating Hymns—Indian Exhibition—House of Assembly Committee—Lady Maitland—Visit of the Governor—Happy Polly Rykeman—Leaves for River Thames—Mohawk Translations—Dr. Bangs—Sauble River Indians—At Munceytown—Various interviews—Captain Snake—Oduhmekoo—Bear River Chippeways—Objections—Brother George Ferguson—Mr. Ironside—Romish Worship—Wyandot Indians—Lawyer Wood—Detroit—Rev. Mr. Boswell—Rev. E. Stoney—Moravian Mission—Lower Muncey—Pagan prejudices—Arrives at his Father's—Salt Springs—Rev. Wm. Ryerson—Credit—Village improvement—Started for Schoogog—Rev. Mr. Scott—Indians faithful—Mr. Aaron Hard—Instructions—New site for Indians—Bald-headed Indian Dreams—Rice Lake welcome—Good Meetings—Evening Devotions—Captain Anderson's—Grape Island—Mr. Case and Sunday return from the States—Sacrement—Advancement—Accompanies Mr. Case to Rice Lake—Delightful meeting—New School House—Visits Indians in Reach—Interesting Bapismal and Communion Services—Rev. Wm. Ryerson—Good news—Warm hearts at the Credit



Extraordinary Credit meeting—Indian plantations—Spelling Book—Labourers for the North and West—Yonge Street Camp ground—Brother Law, with his Indians—Rev. D. McMullen—A blessed time—Matehjedash Indians—A good Lad—Miss Phœbe Edwards—T. Magee—Examinations for baptism—God present—Chiefs Yellowhead and Asance—New Missions—Printing—Credit Services—Rev. Mr. McGrath—One his way to Belleville—Camp meeting near Gilbert's—Happy scenes—Miss Barnes—Brother Biggar—Cobourg—Census of Indians—George Henry, Sawyer, Smith—Mourners pardoned—The good Peter Conover—Colonel Givins—Presents—Now to Lake Simcoe—Pagan Powwow—Indians numbered—Schools visited—Evil report—Advice of Col. Givins—Complaint before a Magistrate—The Quakers—Meetings among the Whites—At Home—Dr. Adamson—Sister Jacobs—Indian Exhorters—Springfield Church—The Sick—His Father—Flamborough Camp meeting—Bro. John Carroll—Peter Jacobs—Goes to Lake Simcoe Camp meeting—Rev. John Beatty Sunday's address—Young Biggs—Powerful Meetings—Primitive painting—Makes his way to Rice Lake, Grape Island, and Bay of Quinte Mohawk Settlement



Tells of Methodism—Distributes Hymn Books—Earnestown Conference—Bishop Harding—Missionary Meeting—Indian Exhibition—Rev. Mr. Paddock—Rev. R. Heyland—Indian Speakers—Indian Conversions—Grape Island—Doings and joys—Message from Chief Sunday—Belleville Missionary Meeting—Mr. J. A. Armstrong—Reaches home—Cameron dead— York Bible Society—Watson's—Fasting and praying as a Translator-Letter from Abraham Hill—Census of the Credit—Mrs. Brant-Oneida Joseph—Power at Meetings—Stoney Creek—Christmas Day—Father Clyne—New Years' thankfulness—Quarterly meeting—Melting time—Council on temporalities—Reasons for accepting the Chieftainship—Arrives at Schoogog—Indians glad—The Meetings favoured of God—Death of Rev. Wm. Slater—Visit of Colonel Givins—Petitioning the Governor—The Female Preacher—To Holland Landing next—A Mission for Snake Island—Indian Children before the Governor's Family—Is at Rice Lake—About building a Church—Journey to the United States with Mr Case and others-Interesting particulars of persons, places, and success



Still in the United States—Large Meetings—Encouragement—Philadelphia Conference—Dorcas Missionary Society at John Street, New York—Educating four Natives—Parent Missionary Society—Idols exhibited—Rev. G. Cookman—Marriage of Rev. Wm. Case-Homeward journey—English interfering with Chippeway—Calls at Grape Island and Rice Lake—Saving power—Rev. Ephraim Evans-Welcome at the Credit—Waits on Sir John Colborne—Noble religious decision—Strange interview with the Lord Bishop of Quebec—Independent dealing with Officers—Yonge Street Camp meeting—Whites and Indians saved—Distributing Ojebway Hymn Book—His Translations, and the Bible Society—Teacher for Asance's Tribe—Archdeacon Strachan—Starts with Labourers to Lake Simcoe and Huron—A good Indian Missionary—Arrangements—Meetings—Great grace—Travelling—Blessed on the rocks—Affectionate reception—Building Mission premises—Pagan ornaments—Parting for different posts—Penetanguishene Bay—Nottawasaga Bay—Keche Weequodong—Saugeen Indians met with—Good effects—Goderich—River Aux Sable—St. Clair River—Kegedoon's Resolved—Wawanosh—Sleeping on a lizard—Seasonable supplies—Deer fence-Night on the beach-Well received everywhere



Started for St. Clair—Owen system—A bare bone—Indians intoxicated—Consultation—No answer yet—Wawanosh—Walpole Island—Degradation—Interview with Pazhezhickquashkum—Obstacles—Yellowhead—Munceytown—His Father in the Gospel—Baptisms—Compliments and prejudices—Conference in Ancaster—His memorable Camp ground—Important Indian statistics—Three Sisters converted—Leaves for Camp meeting on Yellowhead's Island—A Council—The encampment glorious—Delightful Sacraments—Indian liberality—Temporal economy—The good John Sunday's northern tour—Off to Rice Lake and Grape Island—Rice gathering—Thanks for the Word—Bro. Evans' School—Grape Island work-shops—Population—Improvement—Brother and Sister Case—Government Payments—Missionary appointed—Shoe making—River Sauble Indians—A Boy Teacher—New Mission House—His art gone—The Christian Guardian—J. B. Clench, Esq.—Dorcas Society—Goes to Grand River—A Savage tamed—Indians at Printing—Translating the Scripture—Business with the Governor—Keketoonce—Indian Inquest—Zeal of Miss Barnes—Good news from the wilderness—York Bible Society—Indian Department—On Lake Simcoe— Parliament House—Margaret Wesley—Indian Regulations—Goes to Muncey and St. Clair—Persecution—Logging—Mr. Lukenbaugh—Native fears



Muncey town hopeful—Railing—Saugeen Conversions—Productive Camp meeting—Elder W. Ryerson—Noble Sunday—Interference—Mr. Jones' decision Native Labourers—Green Bay—Donations from the States—Penetanguishene—Inquiry Meeting—Indian Blacksmith's Shop—Visit to the Mohawks—Bishop Hedding at Grape Island—Kingston Conference—Bros. Heale and R. Jones—His Ordination as Deacon—Missionary to Indian Tribes—Missionary Society— State of Indian Houses—Grape Island—Relates the History of Methodism—Carrying Place—Mr. Hall, of New York—Visits Rice and Mud Lakes—Mr. Case at the Credit—Party to Lake Simcoe— Attorney General Bolton—Good in the West—He and his Brother translating—Watson's—John Thomas—Singing School—To Grand River—Saugeen Candidates for Baptism—Elder Youmans—Indian Member of Parliament—Journey to Lake Simcoe—Leaves the Credit for England—Friends at New York—Sails—Translating on Board—Lands at Liverpool—London—Parent Wesleyan Missionary Anniversary—Church Society—Bible Society—Preachers' Children—Mr. Greenfield—School Society—London Missionary Society—Tract Society—Bristol—Autographs—Bethel Chapel—Very sick—Rev. Robert Newton—Kindness of the Wood family



Transcribing—Prayed for—Pious Clergyman—Soliciting Donations for Canada Missions—Mr. Budgett—Interview with Mrs. Hannah Moore—His Portrait—Mrs. Bumby—The Venerable James Wood—First Methodist Chapel—Visiting Kingswood School—Albums—Rev. G. Ryerson—Tomb of Wesley—Dr. Hodgkin—Colonial Office—Present for the Queen—Lord Goderich—Bristol Conference—Translations—Dr. Adam Clarke—Rev. Jabez Bunting—Manchester—Quaker Meeting—Oldham Street Chapel—Liverpool—Missionary tour—Mr. John Cropper—Manchester—Females—Rev. John Hannah—Rev. William Henry Bunting—Huddersfield—King William IV.—Hull— Raikes Jubilee at York—Rev. James Parsons—Mr. Agar Stockton—Thomas Walker, Esq.—Missionary Boxes—Leeds—Chapels crowded—Mr. William Dawson—Woodhouse Grove School—Rev. George Morley—Sheffield—Liberality—Correcting proofs—Cree language—Rev. Dr. Beecham—France—City Road Class—Rev. Richard Watson—Death of Mrs. Case—Rev. Mr. Dixon—Cold Missionary Meeting—Missionary Museum—Burking—Rev. Joseph Entwisle—The King—Windsor Castle—Request of the British and Foreign Bible Society—City Road Missionary Meeting—A Chairman-Dinner Parties—Rules for redeeming time



Hears the Rev. Rowland Hill—Preaches at Surrey Chapel—Kennington Commons—Translating—Mr. Bagster—York Courier—Account of Dr. Adam Clarke from Mr. Drew—Dr. Hodgkin—Visits Dr. A Clarke—Solicitor General of Ireland—Mrs. Mortimer—Rev. E. Irving—Oxford—Dr. Burder—Grants—Friendly Churches—Mr. Farmer's—Presentation to the King and Queen at Windsor—Rev. John Mason—Rev. John James—Dr. Townley—Committee's kindness—Dr. Raffles—Mr. Sands—Meetings in England—Means obtained—English Prayers—Lands at New York—Philadelphia—Mr. Chubb—Dr. Fisk and Rev. Mr. Spicer—Credit welcome—Revs. Dr. Alder and Turner—Lake Simcoe Quarterly Meeting—Dr. Rolph—Native Preachers—Rev. Thomas Hurlburt—Looks of the Heathen—Medicine Bag resigned—Sunday's Converts—Baptism—Moozoomoonee—Cholera—Hallowell Conference—Kingston Indians—Very sick—Mr. S. E Taylor—Preserving mercy—Missionary Anniversary—Credit Lovefeast—Bro. Bissell—Council—English Gift?— Translating Genesis—Crying children—Father Whitehead—Holiness of heart



General Council—Scruples—A Thanksgiving—Streetsville—Quarter Sessions—Short Hand—Rice Lake—Dorcas Society—Warm affections—Meets Bro. Case—His Father—Indian Student—Mr. Schoolcraft—Distribution of Translations—His Mother happy—Himself, Herkimer, and Magee, leave for Sault St. Marie—Buffalo—Detroit—Bro. T. Hurlburt joins them—Mr. and Mrs. Andraine—Taunchy and Corbeach—Bro. Clarke—Johnson family—Shingwahkoons—Good done by the Methodists—Canada side—Meetings—Sunday arrives—Kahkewaoonahning—Indian in jail—Noble Heathen—Sailor's encampment—Beach Meeting—De Tour—Jugglers—Adrift—Reaches Penetanguishene—Nepissing asking—Elder Case waiting—Bro. Ezra Adam—Katy Youngs—Chapel Whitewashing—Translating—Bro. Metcalf buryiug—A controversy—Goes to New York—His Marriage—Goes to Lake Simcoe—Mr. Tyson—To Grand River and Muncey—Casualities—Rev. Mr. Douse—Mr. and Mrs. Adams—Souls happy—Indian Houses—Camp meeting—Power over Pagans—Goderich—Sweet Home—Brother Stinson—Brother Nankeville—Camp meeting—Brother Hurlburt in Indian—Brother J. Evans—Sermons, exhortations, and prayers—God's power—A god discarded—A Boanerges—Indian experiences—At Coldwater—A Priest—Journalizing—Summerfield—Visits Muncey and St. Clair—Brother Waldron—Earnest Indian—Brother Gladwin—St. Clair blessed—Profane Landlord—Sunday's labours—Sir F. B. Head at the Credit—Death of his respected Father




Fingers' Dream—He and newish leave for Coldwater—Returns—Accompanies Mrs. Jones and Indian girl to New York for England-James Lang—Mrs. Taylor, of Toronto—Brother Oughtred—Sister Pinney—A blessed day—Arrival of Rev. Egerton Ryerson—Cobourg Academy—Toronto Conference—Manual Labour School—Chippeway orthography—Starts for the North—Rocky Islands—Snakes—Governor's Canoe, and Mr. Jarvis—Skull Island—Lands at Manitoolin—The White Gentlemen — Rev. W. McMurray—Noopumadazhaneang—Number of Indians—Patawahtahtmee Reply—Bark Chapel—Thomas Fraser—Sending Labourers—Thunder Nest—Wagemahka's place—Tenting on rocks—Sabbath-keeping—Penetanguishene—Distressing rumour—His Brethren's respect—Reaches the Credit—Brother Slight—Alnwick—Indian Camp meeting—Hears of fruit—Languages in worship—Rev. J. Gladwin—Departs again for England—Lands at Liverpool — Lambeth friends—Mr. Wm. Dawson—Aborigines Protection Society—Missionary Williams—At his Ojebway History—Sir Augustus D'Este—Indian in prison—Blind Boy—Lord Glenelg—Negro Apprenticeship Meeting-Highland Scotch Society—Plymouth—Camborne Missionary Meeting—St. Agnes—Gwennap—Penzance—St.Ives—Redruth—Carnbrea—J.Carne, Esq., Dr. Beaumont and others—Influence of Methodism—Birmingham Meeting—Tread Mill—Exeter Hall Parent Meeting—Beautiful Country-Chesterfield—Captain Sunday—Rev. H. Melville—Rev. G. Osborn—Sir Henry Wheatley and Medal—Foregoes the Coronation for Ireland—Irish Conference—Missionary Meeting—A Tour—Crosses to Scotland—Much gratified—London—Goes to Wales—Rev. Mr. Binney—At the Colonial Office—Rev. Mr. Aitkins—Presentation to Queen Victoria—Farewell Missionary Service



Epitome of Mr. Jones' Journal from the year 1839 to 1855...Some particulars of his last Sickness and Death, and his General Character, by Mrs. Jones.