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spending my time to no purpose, except to indulge in the luxuries of this life. Received a note from one of the trustees to preach for the Rev. Rowland Hill on Sunday evening in Surrey Chapel.

Saturday 31st. — Employed the day in writing rules for myself in order to spend my time in a more systematic way. In the evening attended the watch night in City Road Chapel.


For the more effectually to redeem the time as it flies, with a view to glorify God, do good, and save my own soul. See Matt. xvi. 24; John vi. 47; 1 John v. 12; Rom. xii. 11; Gal. vi. 16:

1st. — Arise at 6 in the morning.

2nd. — After dressing, read the Scriptures, and pray for the blessing of God to rest upon me and my labours during the day.

3rd. — At 9 pray for humility and an increase of faith.

4th. — At noon pray for perfect love, and for grace to resist every appearance of evil.

5th. — At 4, p. m., give praise to God for all his mercy and goodness to me and all mankind; and also to pray for the general spread of the Gospel.

6th. — At 10 to retire to rest, read the word of God — meditate on the labours and occurrences of the day past, and then to commend myself to the care and protection of the Lord for the night.

7th. — All the above rules to be begun and ended in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone can enable me to perform them.

These rules I shall endeavour by the help of God to observe and keep to the best of my ability for one month, after which to renew them again according to my wants and circumstances.

As witness my hand this first day of January in the year 1832.

6 Spital Square, London.
Peter Jones.