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he shook hands with him as a brother, and hoped to meet him in heaven.

Saturday, 22nd. — Took the census of our people, and the following was the result: Men, 64; women, 74; children, 88; total, 226 souls. Heads of families, 47; houses, 30; land under cultivation, 61 acres: wheat, 65 bushels; oats, 22 bushels; Indian corn, 1,045 bushels; onions, 9 bushels; beets and carrots, 16 bushels; heads of cabbage, 670; cart loads of pumpkins, 30; cows, 27; oxen, 18; horses, 11; hogs, 122; waggon, 1; ploughs, 4; harrows, 1. Births during the past year, 17; marriages, 2; deaths, 19; baptisms, 40; number in Church communion, 132. Considering the very short time since these people possessed scarcely anything beyond a few dirty bankets, a few guns and traps, and all their domestic animals consisted in half-starved dogs, I felt truly thankful to Almighty God for the happy change amongst my poor people. To God be all the glory! At 3, p. m., Mr. G. Ryerson preached on the preparation of the heart for the Lord's Supper, which is to be administered to-morrow by the Rev. T. Osgood. I interpreted the discourse. W. Herkimer exhorted.

Sunday, 23rd. — Early at prayer meeting. At 9, a. m., Mr. Osgood arrived. Love feast commenced immediately. Many of the Indian brethren spoke, and declared what great things God had done for them. About noon Mr. O. preached from Matt. v. 8. I interpreted. After this the Lord's Supper was administered to the joy of many souls. In the afternoon Mr. O. preached to the young people from Rev. xxii. 14. I again interpreted for him.

Saturday, 29th. — Engaged during the past week in translating hymns and portions of the Holy Scriptures.

Sunday, 30th. — Assisted at morning prayer meeting and Sunday School. At 11, Mr. Ryerson preached from Rev. xx. 12-15. Peter Jacobs interpreted. In the afternoon I rode to