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hoped that they would listen to us. After thanking them for coming to meet us, we sang and prayed with them; they appeared sober and thoughtful.

Saturday 18th. — Had prayers with the Indians this morning — conversed with them about religion. Quarterly Meeting commenced at this place today, public service at 1 o'clock, after which I exhorted the Indians a short time. Visited them again in the evening, when Elder Case, John Crane, and I talked to them at some length. The mode of instruction which Elder Case got me to explain was, "that we were all brothers by creation, that God was our Father, that he made one man at the first, and that all nations sprung from, him; that the difference in our colour arose from circumstances, such as the climate and our mode of living; that the Great Spirit who made our first parents, was no respecter of persons, and that whatever he promised to one person he said to all nations; that all had a right to share in his love, and the blessings of His Gospel." Some appeared affected and thoughtful, which greatly encouraged us to hope good was done.

Sunday 19th. — Went with our Indian friends to the love feast held in the Belleville chapel. I felt humbled to the dust at the table of the Lord, to think how much the Lord had done to save poor sinners, of whom I was the chief. My soul cried, "Glory to God for dying love. O blessed be the Lord who has redeemed us by the price of his blood, and purchased salvation even for the poor Indians!" At 11 o'clock Elder Ryan preached, after which I was called upon to exhort, which I did in fear and much trembling, first to my own people and afterwards to the whites. When the meeting was over I found two more Indians had arrived, and were sitting outside, one known by the name of John Sunday, and the other Moses. They had heard of our being in that part of the country,and came some distance to get us, and hear what we had to say. At the evening service