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time, and then Captain Snake, the Muncey Speaker, rose up and made the following speech through an Interpreter: —

“My compliments to you all, Brothers. The compliments of all the Chiefs to you all, Brothers. The compliments of my warriors. The compliments of my young men. The compliments of my women and children. We all meet in the sight of the Great Spirit. It is the will of God that we meet in the light of the sun. We are all Brothers; we love one another. You have already heard the will of the Chiefs respecting the presents and payments from Government. Brother, we have heard you speak of the Governor. It is to him we look; when we hear of him our hearts are glad. I truly rejoice to hear of the good will of the Governor. Brothers, I am happy to see you worship in the way you do. It makes my heart glad. I worship God too. We will hold fast the blessing the Great Spirit has given the Indians. We will worship Pahtahmahwahsing, (our Creator). Both ways of worship are good. We will worship your way and our way. We fear if we forsake our old way of worship, the Great Spirit will be displeased with us. If we knew he would send no evil among us, we would worship with you altogether. Brothers, I have told you our whole mind. This is all. If I should see General Darling, I would tell him the same, and a great deal more.”

After the talk we made a few remarks to them, and told them in what way we could help them. We also informed them that we had nothing to do with their lands, nor with their presents and payments, only to give them good advice, and by their request, to lay before our father, the Governor, their wishes. The Munceys at this place number about 135 souls. Before parting, we had a word of exhortation and prayer, after which we bade them farewell, and departed for the Grand River.

Wednesday 26th. — Started in the morning for the Conference, which is to be held at Bowman's meeting house in Ancaster, to commence this day. I arrived at the Conference