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After this Elder Youmans called the members of the Quarterly Conference together. After prayer the Elder examined the characters of the exhorters, and renewed their license; and also enquired of the class leaders into the state of their several classes.

Tuesday 4th. — Had an interview with Col. Givins; spent part of the day in trying to get the sub-committee appointed by the York Bible Society for obtaining Indian translations to meet, and to give me some understanding when my translations would be printed.

Friday 7th. — Wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Committee for carrying on the Indian Translations. In the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the Lieut. Governor opened the House of Assembly. Mr. John Brant, an Indian and a Mohawk Chief, is a member of Parliament for the County of Halton. This is the first Indian who has sat in the House with the lawmakers of this Province.

Monday 24th. — Brother George Ryerson, who came up from York last evening, informed me he was appointed by the Committee on Religious Liberty, now petitioning the Imperial Parliament in England, to act as their Agent, and to take the petitions home to England. He further informed me that it was the wish of the two presiding Elders of the two upper districts, and of the friends in York that I should accompany him to England, providing they could get the consent of Elder Case. Brother Ryerson said he would start in about two weeks, and therefore wished me to be getting ready, as there was no doubt of my going. Employed in translating. We were visited by three ladies from York this day, who examined the village and its improvements with great satisfaction.

Tuesday, February 1st, — Employed at translating. The Lord was precious to my poor soul.

Wednesday 2nd. — At translating. I felt disposed to give myself to the Lord to love and to obey.